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AS a manicure at home?

How to do a manicure at home?

Every woman dreams of a perfect manicure, butfew can afford it. In most cases, or simply do not have the time or money, or simply fear to entrust their hands untested specialist.

But now it is not a problem, any hand care, including manicures, can be done at home.


In order to do a manicure at home requires special tools that can be purchased at specialty stores.

Need tools such as:

- nail scissors-

- A wooden spatula to kutikul-

- Special pliers for cutting nogtey-

- Two nail files (one nail file should be a rough surface, and the other with soft, especially for nail polish) -

- Oil kutikul-

- hand cream-

- hydrogen peroxide.

Stages of creation manicure

From the very beginning gives nails the desired shape. To do this you need tweezers and a nail file with a rough surface. Be sure to know what you need to file nails only when they are dry, wet nail filing will lead to breakage and flaking. File nails should be from one edge to the center and in any case not chaotic. The next step should be the removal of the cuticle: cooked in the tub with warm water and lower your arms to soften cuticles. After the steam out of the cuticle, cut them with special scissors. After apply a special hand cream, massage, followed by softening oil for cuticles. Give a hand to rest 10 minutes, then apply the varnish.

Proper application of varnish on the nails

From the beginning, apply clearcoat asframework for the protection of nails. Before you apply any varnish, shake the bottle, clean with a brush a small amount of polish to the nails suddenly there was no water stains, the layer should be smooth and thick. Without lifting the brush from the nail, apply varnish from top to bottom. If the color seems dull, apply another layer. To paint dry faster, you can put your hands in cold water, dry the hair dryer or obryskat special means. To always nails were beautiful and healthy, take vitamins A, C, E and calcium sure. You can strengthen your nails with special bath with the addition of various salts. To the nails do not suffer, take a break and do not apply the lacquer, allowing nogotochki relax.

Take care of nails and they will always be strong and beautiful.

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