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How to make a bunk bed with his hands

How to make a bunk bed with his hands

Use of a bunk bed withequipping children's room is a real salvation for the young family. This bed will not only allow efficient use of space of the room, but also the children themselves will bring considerable joy.

But the purchase of high-quality furniture can not afford not every young family.

The way out of this situation would be the construction of a bunk bed with his hands.

The main plus bunk beds - it savesspace that can be used, for example, everything for the sports corner. This model gives the nursery bed special type, attractiveness and originality.

Materials and tools for the construction of a bunk bed

To create the framework needed eightthree-meter wooden beams and four boards. For the manufacture of a mattress support two veneer will need to acquire high strength. its thickness should be not less than 12 mm. In the absence of plywood sheets, you can use DSP.
For bonding wooden elements neededscrews, screws, screws with heads and nuts and bolts. In addition, you will need to buy a can of polyurethane, a small jar putty and sandpaper.
As for tools for the construction of thebunk beds can be used most conventional drill with a set of drill bits for wood, as well as the water level and screwdriver. Sawn wood products can be like an electric saw or hand saw. The only difference is that in the first case, the wood cut spent less time.

Boards and beams before using it for seven days stand in the room, indicators of humidity and temperature which are similar figures to equip the room.

Stages build bunk beds

The assembly of the bed should begin with the measurementmattresses that you plan to use. Under their need to cut the size of the substrate made of plywood, not forgetting to add each of the parties by two centimeters.
Of the two side bars make the frame and secure them with screws. Thereafter, one frame and one of its end board screw. Likewise screw skirting boards of the second frame.

Make sure that the screws do not pierce through the bars and boards. Otherwise, they can be scratched on their sharp ends projecting outwardly.

Feet future bed is made of two boards. leg length should match the height of the second tier. In the bars, which will act as legs, drill holes. They should be located at the level of the first and second tiers. A ready-made holes to connect the legs of the bed frame.
Rama with legs screwed to the wall. To do this, mark the drill hole locations and install anchors for screws. Then install the fence boards and make a ladder that will need to climb to the second tier.
Now you can install and secure the sheets to the frameplywood used as the substrate under the mattress. In this construction a bunk bed in the home is completed. Cover the and call her children to get acquainted with the new berth.

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