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Ficus, once considered a sign of narrow-mindedness,Today is quite popular among amateur gardeners. His large dark green leathery leaves are pleasing to the eye, but also, in its own clean air and richly saturated with oxygen premises.

Branching ficus going wrong, ie, asymmetrically, so you need to shape the plant.

For this spring, before beginning of growth, the tip of the tree is cut.

On the part to be cut 2-3 buds (2-3 leaf). Here in this segment and can grow another ficus.

To make it possible, subject to certain rules.



Place the tip of the cut ficus in a jarwater at room temperature. Put the jar in a well illuminated and warmer place. For example, on the sill of the window overlooking the south side. The water is changed daily at the bank.


While the new Ficus gives roots, preparea small pot and the soil for planting. Take 2 parts humus of the earth and 1 part river sand, mix thoroughly. Pour sand and humus mixture in the pot, the bottom of which must first be arranged drainage from the expanded clay or pebbles (ledeshkov).


Gave roots cut ficus plant in loose andwetlands. Strong bury it is not necessary. In order painless rooting plants can be covered hood of a film or a bank, if it lead to the leaves. An ideal place for ficus at this stage - warm and humid.


Watering moderate, not pouring. Sometimes shoot a film cap (or jar) and sprinkle the plant or gently wipe the leaves with a damp sponge.


As will be seen, that the plant is rooted andIt feels good in the pot (this will indicate a healthy radiant shine and intense color leaves), film or can be removed. The first time Ficus must be protected from direct sunlight. Gradually, however, should move up the pot closer to the bright place, accustoming the plant to the sun (adult ficus loves the direct rays).

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