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How to grow ficuses


How to grow ficuses</a>

Ficus, once considered a sign of philistinism,Today it is rather popular among amateur growers. His large dark green leathery leaves delight the eye, and in addition, in their own way clean the air and generously saturate the oxygen room.

Branching of the ficus is wrong; Asymmetric, so the plant needs to be formed.

For this purpose, in the spring, before the beginning of growth, the tip of the tree is cut.

On the cut part should be 2-3 buds (2-3 leaves). Here from this segment and you can grow another ficus.

This can be done by observing certain rules.



Place the cut top of the ficus in a jar withWater at room temperature. Place the jar on a well-lit and warm place. For example, on the windowsill of the window facing south. Change the water in the pot daily.


While the new ficus gives the roots, prepareSmall pot and soil for planting. Take 2 parts of humus earth and 1 part of river sand, mix thoroughly. Fill the sand-humus mixture in the pot, at the bottom of which must first be arranged drainage from expanded clay or small stones (ice cubes).


Give the root segments of the ficus plant in a loose andMoistened earth. Do not deepen deeply. For the purposes of painless rooting, you can cover the plant with a film cap or jar, if it is allowed to make the leaves. The ideal place for ficus at this stage is a warm and humid room.


Pour moderately, without pouring. At times, remove the film cap (or jar) and sprinkle the plant or gently wipe the leaves with a damp sponge.


When it will be seen that the plant is ingrained andFeels in the pot well (this will be shown by the leaves shining with healthy shine and rich color), the film or jar can be removed. First time, the ficus should be protected from direct sunlight. However, gradually, the pot should be moved closer to a brightly lit place, accustoming the plant to the sun (adult ficus like direct rays).

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