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How to breed pheasants

Pheasant people long ago bred in captivity. Farms or arrange to obtain from poultry, or for transferring juveniles to the hunting grounds.

What are the main conditions of pheasants in the area to produce strong healthy poultry?

You will need

  • Premises for poultry feed, pheasant family.



In the breeding period, separate the pheasant family (1male 6-10 female). Equip the aviary consisting of a warm room, walking and canopy. The room should be extra lighting. The area of ​​the enclosure calculated on the basis of the requirements of 5 kV m 1 head. Walkers should be tightened from above soft mesh as pheasants can dramatically go up.

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Prepare the food. On one head you need about 80 grams of grain per day. Pheasants need to be fed grain mixtures with high content of protein. Add summer to feed the green cutting the grass in the winter - the hay. The feed can be introduced boiled vegetables, meat and bone meal and beef. Pheasants gladly regale berries (blueberries, strawberries, mountain ash, cranberry). Birds in winter should prick trivitamin.

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For females prepare artificial nests. Arrange in an enclosure snopiki dry grass or landed on the territory of fazanariya bushes. The female in the breeding period, lays up to 60 eggs.

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Equip fazanary capacious feeders anddrinkers. For dry food can be used as a feeder for chickens. Fall asleep with the expectation of food 2-3 days to less disturb the bird. Ensure that all individuals have enough space near the feeders and drinkers. Pheasant is very nervous bird and, if not stocking density or crowded near the feeders in the herd will LAYOUT.


Arrange in a cage for birds sand baths. In a shallow drawer pour sand with ash. Pheasants basking in the sand exempt from menoponidae.


Young pheasants were grown on dry litter(Hay, sand, sawdust). young Stocking density -. 25 heads per 1 sq m Room temperature with a weekly youngsters should not be below 28 ° C. Gradually, it was reduced to 20 ° C.

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