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How to breed a pheasant


How to breed a pheasant</a>

Pheasant has long been bred in captivity. Farms are arranged either to get meat from the poultry, or to transfer young animals to hunting facilities.

What are the main conditions for keeping pheasants on the site to get a strong healthy poultry population?

You will need

  • Room for keeping poultry, feed, family of pheasants.



In the breeding period, separate the pheasant family (by 1Male 6-10 females). Equip an enclosure consisting of a warm room, a walk and a canopy. The room should have additional lighting. The area of ​​the enclosure is calculated based on the requirements of 5 sq m per head. The paddock should be tightened from above with a soft mesh, as pheasants can sharply fly up.

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Prepare the feed. One head needs about 80 grams of grain per day. Pheasants need to be fed grain grains with a high protein content. Add in the summer to the stern green cut grass, in the winter - hay. In the feed, you can enter boiled vegetables, meat and bone meal and minced meat. Pheasants gladly enjoy berries (blueberries, strawberries, mountain ash, cranberries). Birds in winter should be pricked with trivitamin.

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For females, prepare artificial nests. Arrange in the enclosure the sheafs of dry grass or plant bushes on the territory of the pheasant. Female in the breeding period lays up to 60 eggs.

Tetpack feeder


Equip the pheasant with large feeders andDrinkers. For dry food, you can use feeders for both chickens. They fall asleep with food for 2-3 days, so as to disturb the bird less. Make sure that all individuals have enough space near the feeders and drinking bowls. Pheasant is a very nervous bird, and if the density of planting is not respected or tightness near the feeding troughs the flock will begin to crack.


Arrange in the aviary for birds pesochnye bath. In a shallow box fill the sand with ash. Pheasants bathing in the sand are freed from puffers.


Cultivate young pheasant on dry litter(Hay, sand, sawdust). The density of planting the young - up to 25 heads per 1 sq. M. The temperature in the room with a week-old should be at least 28 ° C. Gradually, it is reduced to 20 ° C.

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