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HOW to breed ostriches

How to breed ostriches

Currently, the breeding of ostriches is one of the most profitable areas of the farm.

It is connected on one side to ease the cultivation of these birds, and on the other side - with the market demand for ostrich eggs, meat, skin and feathers.



Start breeding ostriches There are several ways: bought eggs, chicks and adult birds. For beginners, the most preferred option of buying chicks. This avoids both the risks associated with the purchase of unfertilized eggs and hassle rearing. Also to buy chicks benefits include their lower cost, compared with adults and the ease of formation ostrichesth herd (the ratio of males and females).

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dilution ostriches attention should be paid to such aspects of their content, such as: - cages, which contains ptitsy-
- Pasture pens vygula-
- Care to ostrichesoh farmers
- Lighting, ventilation, temperature poultry vozrastov- different mode
- The quality of food and vody.Soblyudenie necessary standards and recommendations in these areas contributes to a more successful reproduction ostriches.

Ostrich grow house


Typically, one male female 2-3 necessary. This combination represents ostrichesth 'family'. Allowed contents of several families in the same room. Puberty ostriches reach 1.5-2 years: in this age of the females begin to lay eggs. On average, a female brings to 60 eggs per year, of which 75-80% are fertilized. The farm is more efficient use of incubators for breeding chicks - this allows you to increase the percentage of hatched healthy chicks.

oat cultivation


Although the initial stages of organization ostrichesoh farm required a significant investment in the future, this business is profitable and promising, and well-established economy will require you to no more effort than any other poultry farm.

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