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How to grow ostriches


How to grow ostriches</a>

Currently, breeding ostriches is one of the most profitable directions of farming.

This is due, on the one hand, to the ease of growing these birds, and on the other hand, to the demand for ostrich eggs, meat, leather and feathers.



Start breeding Ostriches There are several ways: Having bought eggs, chicks or adult birds. For beginners, the most preferable option is the purchase of chicks. This avoids both the risks associated with the purchase of unfertilized eggs, and the hassle with growing young animals. Also, the advantages of buying chicks can be attributed to their lower cost, compared with older individuals and the ease of forming Ostriches(The ratio of males and females).

Rectangular room 12m interior as furnishings


When breeding Ostriches Should pay attention to such aspects of their content, as: - cages, which contain birds,
- pasture paddocks for the paddock-
- hygiene on OstrichesTh farm-
- lighting, ventilation, temperature regime of keeping birds of different ages,
- quality of feed and water. Compliance with the necessary norms and recommendations in these areas promotes more successful breeding Ostriches.

Grow an ostrich at home


As a rule, 2-3 females account for one male. This combination is a OstrichesFamily ". It is allowed to keep several families in the same room. Sexual maturity ostriches reach in 1,5-2 years: at this age females begin to carry eggs. On average, one female brings up to 60 eggs per year, of which 75-80% are fertilized. On the farm, it is more effective to use incubators to raise chicks - this allows you to increase the percentage of hatched healthy chicks.

Oat cultivation


Although at the initial stages of the organization OstrichesThe farm requires significant investments, in the future this business is profitable and promising, and a well-established farm will require no more effort from you than any other poultry farm.

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