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Divination by Tarot cards?

Guessing at the Tarot cards?

It is believed that its origins cartomancy Tarot leads from that and still enjoys widespread popularity.

The only disadvantage of this species is its complexity for the common man.

It is because of this eventually gave way to the classic Tarot a playing deck.

Cartomancy - this occupation, which is quiteyou can do yourself, but fulfilling certain rules. You do not need to undergo special training or special courses to graduate. We just need to believe in the fact that these small cards are hidden the fate of ordinary people, and with the help of certain manipulations can be read. The whole essence of divination cut out the correct interpretation of what is the meaning of a particular symbol. And it is not necessarily the queen of spades - it razluchnitsa.

There are a lot of simple and complexcombinations. Each alignment allows to read the result on its own. It is important that the fortune-teller was a kind of flair and good communication with the other world. It is these qualities allow her to see the future as clearly as possible.

The basic rules of tarot cards

The first step is to get acquainted withspecial requirements which must be compatible with a deck of cards. Experienced fortune tellers claim that the use of divination can be exclusively a new deck, which can touch only one who has been predicting. An exception can only be the moment when the person whose guess, you must move the deck or choose multiple cards. You can not simultaneously use the deck for divination, and for the fun of playing, because all made predictions may not be accurate or not at all true. It is better not to tempt fate and not try to carry out the ritual on normal decks, which were previously used for games, if no new, then guessing worth to wait, because all the same will be false to predict the future.

It is important to remember that any scryingalignment reveals a thin veil in a completely different world, where the usual time strictly closed entrance to anyone. That is why this occupation should not be abused, it should be done properly and not turn it into a farce tricks and interesting means to occupy their free time. Professionals of this case believe that the divination should be done in a strictly designated days, but not on Mondays and Sundays, because in those days the card will never show a true future. Selecting the day of the week is not accidental. It depends on the level of activity of the other world. The highest level of activity observed on Friday, it was then comes the most correct interpretation.

All modern fortune tellers try to sticka certain number of rules, wondering on the cards. It is believed that if we neglect such an installation, you can then not only get a misinterpretation, but also bring serious trouble to all the participants of the ritual. That is why all beginners are advised by experienced witch, creating alignment, follow all write and unwritten rules.

Before you begin, you need to land on the deckNever Been Kissed young man and the girl. Then, should conduct a thorough shuffling of playing, and then remove the left little finger a few cards, which are then placed on the bottom of the deck. Personal scrying set can not pass anyone, because over time, between him and the owner installed a special bond, which interruption can cause a number of incorrect predictions. A huge plus for properly conducted ritual will be the presence of a cat in the room, quiet and clean.

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