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Gone are the days when buying a computer when you had to find a professional who quicken your purchase by creating partitions on your hard disk and installing the system.

Today, all computers are sold with preinstalled operating system and the hard disk is divided into partitions, size and number of which determines the manufacturer.



If you do not like the way is divided into sectionsyour hard drive, or it is generally only one partition, it can be divided into the necessary number of logical disk (partition) and choose for each of them the size you want.
To accomplish this, a better and easieruse one of the special programs to work with partitions on the hard drive. It can be as Acronis DiskDirector, and Norton Partition Magis, Paragon Partition Manager, or any other similar program.


To divide the hard disk using AcronisDiskDirector, install the program on your computer and run it. Before you open a window in which you see your hard drive with the size of the partition. If your hard disk has only one partition, you will see only one logical drive.
To split your hard drive, click ondisk image, right-click and select? Divide that ?. In the resulting window, select the source volume size and the new size of the volume, ie, partition sizes that you want to obtain. In the lower window a schematic representation of your hard drive change? Add another section. In order for the changes to take effect, but click? Apply the planned operation? at the top of the main window. Reboot and your hard drive will take a new kind will be made.


In the same way, you can divide the drive to any desired number of sections.

In any of the other similar programs (Norton Partition Magis, Paragon Partition Manager, etc.) actions will be exactly the same. There are minor differences in the names of the menu items.

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