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How to split a hard drive


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Gone are the days when when buying a computer you had to look for a specialist who animated your purchase, creating partitions on the hard drive and installing the system.

Today, all computers are sold with an already installed operating system, and the hard disk is divided into sections, the size and number of which is determined by the manufacturer.



If you are not satisfied with how divided into sectionsYour hard drive, or it generally is just one partition, it can be divided into the number of logical disks (partitions) you need and choose the size you need for each of them.
In order to do this, it's better and easierUse one of the special programs to work with partitions on the hard disk. It can be either Acronis DiskDirector, or Norton Partition Magiс, Paragon Partition Manager or any other similar program.


To split a hard disk using AcronisDiskDirector, install the program on your computer and run it. Before you open a window in which you will see your hard drive with the sizes of all partitions. If your hard disk has only one partition, then you will see only one logical drive.
To split your hard drive, clickRight-click the disk image and select? Divide the volume ?. In the window that appears, specify the initial size of the volume and the new volume size, i.e. The size of the partitions you want to receive. In the lower window the schematic image of your hard drive will change? Add one more section. In order for the changes to take effect, you must click the button Apply planned operations? At the top of the main window. You will be rebooted and your hard drive will take on a new look.


In the same way, you can divide the disk into any number of partitions that are convenient for you.

In any of the other similar programs (Norton Partition Magiс, Paragon Partition Manager, etc.), the actions will be exactly the same. There may be minor differences in the names of menu items.

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