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How to split credits on divorce

Share credit is always difficult

Many families today can not imagine how they ever managed without loans and credit cards. However, not all family can exist for a long time, unlike credit.

And often a divorce is added and a section of existing financial obligations.

You will need

  • Loan Agreements
  • The list of joint property
  • The list of property belonging to the spouses before marriage



To conclude a peace agreement divorce.To Start spouses would be wiser peacefullydiscuss all issues relating to the divorce. They may be related to children, alimony, division of property, the payment of loans. Of course, there may be disputes, but it would be better to discuss them until the divorce process. This will prevent unnecessary problems not only spouses, but also to children, if they exist.


Please read SC RF.Zakon provides certain rules relating to loans under section divorceThat are listed in the Family Code. According to these rules as a result of the obligation of one spouse for the recovery of the loan can only be done with this property is a spouse. In the event that the property is insufficient to pay the loan, the bank can legally demand payment from the share of the debtor's spouse. And they share that arose in the division of common property, distributed between the spouses in proportion to the shares that are awarded to spouses after a divorce.


Calculate the share of the marital property.Under the Family Code of the Russian Federation may be levied on the common property of spouses under the general obligations and the obligations of one of the spouses in the event that the court finds that all received the obligations of one of the spouses has been used to meet the needs of the whole family. For example, if one partner uses a credit card, it is likely, the debt on it is his personal commitment. If we talk about mortgages, which was taken during the marriage, then, accordingly, the real estate is a joint property and debt can be divided in proportion to the apartment, which are awarded in the division of property.

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