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How to divide property

How to divide the property

If property ownership appeared in two or more persons, such property is common property.

It can be of two types:- Equity as defined valleys together, that is, in general, the obekt.Obschaya ownership occurs when an object can not be divided without detriment to its purpose (vehicle) or when the law does not allow for its division (monuments of history and culture).



Determine what kind of common property? joint or shared ownership. The Family Code provides for joint ownership of the spouses, with the proportion assumed to be equal. In joint ownership, you must first determine the share of each owner.


Determine how section - a judicial orextrajudicial. In court the way the division of property takes place on the basis of agreement between the parties. Spouses have the right to request for an agreement to certify the notary, but to observe the written form is sufficient.


When you refer a dispute to the court is necessary to issue a claimstatement to determine where the list of property claimed by the party, its cost. Depending on the amount of claims, pay the state fee.


Direct division of property on the basis of a court decision or agreement. Enforcement of court decisions produces bailiffs.

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