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How to split an external disk

How to split an external disk</a>

Many have become accustomed to the fact that stationary hard drives are broken into partitions.

This is usually done to ensure the stable operation of the Windows operating system and its subsequent safe reinstallation without losing data.

But you can share not only stationary, but portable hard drives. Most often, this method is resorted to when the external drive has several owners.

It's much easier to protect your data from other users.

You will need

  • Administrator account
  • Uninterruptible power supply (desirable)



When "sawing" an external disk into partitions, inUnlike a stationary one, all actions will occur without restarting the computer directly in the Windows environment. You will need a special program. As an example, you can use Partition Magic. It is quite easy to use and can hardly hurt your disk.

How to split an external disk


Run PowerQuest PartitionMagic. Open the "Wizards" menu and select "Create partitions" or "Quickly create partitions". We recommend that you preformat the hard drive to speed up the process and its stability.

How to split an external disk


In the window that appears, configure the number, size and file system of the future partitions of the external hard disk. Do not create too small partitions without extreme need.


When all operations and settings are completed,Press the "Apply" or "Start" button and wait for the process to finish. It should be noted immediately that when working with hard disks, it is better to use an uninterruptible power supply.

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