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How to distinguish between varieties of apples varieties Antonovka on white filling

How to distinguish between varieties of apples varieties Antonovka on white filling

There are many different kinds of apples. They differ in taste, flavor, ripening time, size and so on.

However, some varieties can be easily confused, because the differences between them are not so great.

Among the huge variety of grades can beallocate some people's pets. These undoubtedly include the apple varieties "Antonovka" and "white filling". They are effectively used for the development of new varieties, and in its "pure" form of the usual do not hand positions.

Features Antonovka

Antonovka - an almost universal,classic variety. These apples are good for creating marmalade, juices, pastes, jams. Antonovka, who grew up in the northern areas, matures rather late, is excellent throughout the winter, and almost does not deteriorate. Antonovka, has grown to the south, it turns into a not too strong autumn or summer apple. For example, in Tunisia, the apples ripen in mid-July.

It is believed that antonovka is especially manifests itself in all kinds of baking, through the extraordinary flavor.

There are sixteen varieties Antonovka. They differ in shape and color, but at the same time have a characteristic sour taste and dense, even hard texture. The average weight of "Antonovka ordinary" apple varieties varies from one hundred twenty to one hundred and fifty grams, the maximum - about three hundred. Apples in this class round with prominent ribs. When removing the fruit of a greenish-yellow color at the time of their storage is changed to a warm yellow. In the middle zone Antonovka usually removed from the trees in the middle of September.

Antonovka can be distinguished by brownish ring around the stem.

Classic White filling

White filling - another classic variety. There are several varieties of it. Between themselves, they differ in the size of the fruit and the other is not too noticeable symptoms. Apples in this class are suitable for making juice, jelly, jam. White filling - one of the earliest varieties. Apples can begin to remove the trees for the second half of July. This sort of love for gardeners simplicity, insensitivity to frost and rain. In the most difficult years of white apple filling it brought quite an impressive amount of fruit.

The fruits of the white filling as opposed to not Antonovkacharacterized by large size, their maximum weight - about two hundred grams. They are slightly flattened vertically with visible ribs. The skin of the apples very thin, smooth, delicate whitish-yellow hue. Its surface is covered with small green and gray dots. White filling enough loose, fine-grained, very fragrant. Its taste is sour-sweet, closer to the latter. Unlike Antonovka this variety virtually kept its maximum - two or three weeks, then the apples begin to rapidly deteriorate.

Due to the different ripening to "catch" theseapples at the same time is difficult, it is enough to remember that small sweetish apple with very fair skin, which can be found on sale in mid-summer - a white filling and large, greenish-yellow, very fragrant apples with a characteristic sour taste, which are sold in mid-September - is antonovka.

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