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How to distinguish a rank


How to distinguish a rank</a>

Do not know how to contact the traffic police inspector who stopped you?

Can not you understand the rank of the military commissariat employees?

If you do not want to offend a man in civilian clothes, then you should remember what is depicted on the epaulettes and what rank each particular image relates to.



Distinguish between empty shoulder straps. The army says: "Pure shoulder straps - a clear conscience." A conscience is clean, as a rule, with the rank and file. If you see epaulettes without any images, you know - in front of you an ordinary.


Look at the skits. Some military men have stripes (strips), as a rule, they are sergeants. The corporals have one lie, the junior sergeants have two wounds, and the sergeants have three. The senior sergeants have one, but a wide wedge, in the elders - a wide longitudinal mat.


Look at the stars. The ensigns already do not have any skits, but there are stars. 2 stars, located along the length of the shoulder strap, and the absence of any strips means that you have an ensign standing in front of you. If the stars are not two, but three, then before you - the senior ensign.


Look at the stars and stripes. Officers have bands added to the stars. The junior lieutenant on shoulder straps has one strip and one small star. But the star is smaller than that of ensigns. The lieutenant has two stars on the edges of the strip, the senior lieutenant has three stars. There are two of them, as in the lieutenant, and one above. On the shoulder straps of the captain there is a plus one more star, which is located even higher. Major runs have one large star and two stripes on the sides of the star. Further all by analogy with the lieutenants: two stars across and two bands are on the shoulder straps of the lieutenant-colonel, the third star on top - the colonel.


Distinguish patterns on epaulets. Patterns are on the epaulettes of generals. If there is one big star on top of the pattern, then it is a major general, if two stars are along the shoulder strap (in the case of generals they are only along), then before you is the lieutenant-general. Three large stars on the pattern indicate that their owner is a colonel-general. Only the general of the army has four stars. The marshal wears a very large star and a two-headed eagle on his shoulder straps.

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