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How to distinguish the title

How to distinguish the title

You do not know how to contact you to stop the traffic police inspector?

You can not understand what rank are recruiting office workers?

If you do not want to offend people in civilian clothes, then you should remember that what is shown on the shoulder straps and to which title refers each particular image.



Differentiate empty pursuit. In the army, he said: "Clean straps - a clear conscience." A clear conscience is usually from ordinary. If you see the straps without pictures, you know - before the ordinary you.


Look at's stripes. Some military there's stripes (stripes), as a rule, non-commissioned officers. In corporals - one Insignias, Junior sergeant's stripes have two sergeants - three. At the senior NCOs have one, but the general's stripes, from the elders - wide longitudinal Insignias.


Look at the stars. We have no warrant lychek, but there are stars. 2 stars, which are located along the length of the shoulder strap, and the absence of any stripe is that you face the ensign. If the stars are not two, but three, then in front of you - senior warrant officer.


Look at the stars and stripes. Do officers to the stars added band. In a second lieutenant on the shoulder straps one band and one small star. But the star is less than that of the warrant. The lieutenant - the two stars at the edges of the senior lieutenant polosy- three stars. There are two of them, as a lieutenant, and one above. In uniform of captain there plus another star that is even higher. Major shoulder straps have one large star and two lanes on either side of the star. Further, all similar to the lieutenants, two stars and across the shoulder straps are at the two band at the lieutenant colonel, the third star on top - Colonel.


Distinguish between patterns on the shoulder straps. The patterns are uniform on the generals. If the top of the pattern, there is one big star, then this - major general, if two stars along the overhead (the generals, they only along), then in front of you - Lieutenant-General. Three big stars on the pattern suggests that their owner - Colonel-General. Four Star is only an army general. Marshal is on the shoulder straps are very large star and two-headed eagle.

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