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How to tell the skin


How to tell the skin</a>

The problem of forgery is more urgent than ever. Forge everything: gold, fur, leather and much more.

But to distinguish real leather from leatherette it is possible - it is necessary only to look attentively to the purchased products.



Smell the product, if it is leather, it will beHave a specific smell when the fake does not smell. But it is worth remembering that in recent times there have been frequent cases when leather shavings are added to the leatherette, in this case the thing smells like skin, but not so much.


Drip a little water. If it absorbed, then this means the skin. In the forged material, water is poorly absorbed, and more often it simply rolls down.


Hold the product in your hands for a while, the skin warms up and keeps the heat, and the substitute remains cold.


Examine the slices. If there are no suspicious threads on the inside (natural leather does not happen on a textile basis), then, most likely, you have a real leather product in your hands.


If you light a match and bring it to the product, the skin will not melt, unless there is a pleasant smell. The imitation leather melts instantly. But you can not make such a check in the store.


And of course, make a purchase in those stores that have a positive reputation. It is better to pay a little more expensive, but buy something that will really please you and be worn for a long time.

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