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How to distinguish the skin

How to distinguish the skin

The problem of counterfeiting as relevant as ever. Forge everything: gold, furs, leather and more.

But to distinguish real leather from synthetic leather can be - we need only look closely at the products purchased.



Smell the product, if it is leather, it will behave a peculiar smell when a fake does not smell. But it is worth remembering that in recent years, the cases, when the chips are added leather genuine leather, in which case the thing smells of leather, but not so much.


Sprinkle a little water. If it is absorbed, then it means the skin. The forged material is poorly absorbed by the water, and usually just rolls.


Hold for a while in the hands of the product, the skin heats up and retains heat, as a substitute remains cold.


Inspect slices. If there are no suspicious thread on the inner side (the leather does not happen on a textile backing), then most likely, you have now in the hands of leather products.


If you light a match and bring to the product, the skin will not melt, it is not a pleasant smell appears. Imitation of leather instantly melts. But to make such checks in the store will not work.


And, of course, to shop in those stores that have a good reputation. It is better to pay a little more expensive, but buy something that will really make you glad to be worn for a long time.

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