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How to distinguish the real from the fake iPhone

How to distinguish the real from the fake iPhone

Despite the complex device and many functions in modern smartphones, it does not stop Chinese manufacturers from the production of multiple copies of popular devices.

To distinguish the real from the fake iPhone is simple enough, even if the phone is like two drops of water similar to the original.



First note the valuemobile device. If you offer to buy the iPhone, the price of which differs by more than thirty percent of the iPhone technology in stores, you probably phone or stolen, or is a Chinese copy.


Any iPhone (including second-hand)buy in a box. If it is already opened, treat more carefully to the phone checked for authenticity. In original box with a telephone terrain along the contour and concave on the button home. Check how stickers are glued on the back of the package they should be applied evenly on the sticker text should be in the same direction as that on the box.


You can try to weigh the chargerdevice. In the original iPhone, it must weigh 60 grams. On the charge is usually written the name of the manufacturer - is Foxlink plants or Flextronix. No characters in the text should not be.


For the USB cable, to the point where it connects to the iPhone, from forgery can be latch. At present their smartphone should be. The only exception may be the charger from the ipod.


Headphones appearance may differ in no way, however, have often encountered fake a hard wire. In poor copies may not even be a microphone.


Good Chinese copy of the iPhone looks nothingdifferent from the original. The Chinese are able to repeat the coating and the body, and copyrights, and logos, and the locations of the connectors. Spotting a fake can sometimes comparing himself unoriginal iPhone logo with the original. He may be somewhat different in size, location, issue a fake can also disparity cutout apple.


Strongly screen sizes may vary - they have original, usually longer. Also, the Chinese phone cover can be removed, simkarty different size.


Even very similar in appearance Chinese iPhone youYou can be distinguished by its software part. The device is equipped with a completely different operating system, only superficially similar to iOS. Check on the iPhone Wi-Fi and other features. Pay attention to the speed, the presence of stuttering.


Translation may be wrong - that is what most outstanding Chinese fake iPhone.


The main method to distinguish genuineiPhone to the Chinese counterfeit or stolen smartphone - check. If a new phone when you first turn it will offer to register it. The owner of the second-hand phone should you call the apple id and password to login. Try to go with these data in the apple store. If you do this it was not possible, then buy this iPhone is not worth it.

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