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How to distinguish the original battery nokia

How to distinguish the original battery nokia

Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives.

Currently, many companies offer their products, and almost anyone can pick up a phone for the soul and for the price.

Buying telephones and its components: batteries and chargers, it is important to know whether they are proprietary.



In order to distinguish the original batterycounterfeit, the first thing you notice - it's a hologram. Make sure it is available, as well as the presence of her Nokia character "pull each other's hands" - from one angle and the Nokia Original Accessories- logo from another angle.


Now try to angle the hologram left,right and upside down. On each side, you should see the point. That is, if the battery is in the hands twist around Nokia hologram label to the left you will see - one, the right-two, from the bottom - and top three - four points respectively.


Keep in mind that this test does not allowabsolute guarantee of authenticity of the battery. And if you still can not confirm that your Nokia battery is genuine, do not use it and contact your nearest Nokia service center or dealer, as this may cause damage to your device and invalidate any warranty.


Check the authenticity of your battery serial number, the manufacturer's website and find all the, the information you need about branded batteries at www.nokia/com/battery.


Check the contacts in the battery bypressure on each contact clip. In the original they are pressed. Look at the labels on the battery - the letters should be clear, without any extraneous oval, round, white or holographic labels questionable, except Nokia «pull each other's hand 'symbol, which shimmer.


There is another difference between the originalbattery and forgery. Nokia inscription on the hologram is parallel to the line which contains the battery model, and in substantially perpendicular to counterfeit. Also, non-original batteries heat up very quickly, as in a conversation, and while using the device.

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