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How to distinguish an original nokia battery


How to distinguish an original nokia battery</a>

Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives.

Currently, many companies offer their products, and almost everyone can choose a phone for their liking and for the price.

Buying phones and their components: batteries and chargers, it is important to know whether they are branded.



In order to distinguish the original batteryFrom the counterfeit, the first thing you pay attention to is the hologram. Make sure it is present, as well as the presence of the Nokia symbol "extend to each other's hands" - at the same angle, and the Nokia Original Accessories logo - from a different angle.


Now try tilting the hologram to the left,Right, down and up. On each side you should see the points. That is, if you twist the battery in your hands, you will see around the inscription Nokia on the hologram on the left - one, two right, bottom - three and above - four points, respectively.


Keep in mind that this test does notAbsolute guarantee of the battery's authenticity. And if you still can not confirm that the Nokia battery is genuine, do not use it and contact your nearest Nokia service center or dealers, as this can damage your device and also invalidate any warranty.


Check the authenticity of your battery by serial number on the manufacturer's website, and find out all the information you are interested about branded batteries at www.nokia.com/battery.


Check the contacts of the battery byPressing on each contact with a paper clip. They do not push through the original. Inspect the inscriptions on the battery - the letters should be legible, without foreign oval, round, holographic or white doubtful stickers, with the exception of the Nokia symbol "stretch hands" that are poured.


There is one more difference between the originalBattery and fake. Nokia's inscription on the hologram is parallel to the line where the battery model is indicated, and for fake ones it is mostly perpendicular. Also, non-original batteries heat up very quickly, both during a call and while using the device.

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