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How to distinguish iPhone 5 from Chinese counterfeiting


Iphone 5</a>

IPhone 5 is a smartphone owned by Apple.

Chinese counterfeits appeared on the market much earlier than the iPhone 5. Therefore, when buying, you should carefully inspect the smartphone, so as not to buy a fake.



Appearance. The case of the Chinese analogue is made of plastic and weighs about 146 g, when a real smartphone is made of aluminum, and its weight is only 112 g.


Back panel. The fake has 3 colors and uniform colors. In this smartphone two-color color in two versions (this is black and white). In the original, you can not open the back cover.


The thickness of the original - 7.6 mm, forgery - 7 mm.


The screen on the present iPhone 5 is clear and bright. The Chinese analog has a dull and grainy image.


Diagonal feyka-3.5 inches, the original - 4 inches.


The operating system for a real iOS 6 smartphone, the Chinese has Java or Android.


The camera on the original is 8 megapixel, while on fake it's only 2 megapixels.


Using two SIM cards and a stylus on the original is impossible.


Fake does not use the Apple logo. Sometimes you can see a bitten apple, only to the left, and not to the right, like the original.


A real iPhone 5 can not be cheap. But Chinese forgery can be purchased and for 2000 rubles.

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