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How to distinguish right and left


How to distinguish right and left</a>

Confused, right? And? Left? Both children and adults.

It depends not only on how wellYou were taught to orient yourself in the space in childhood, but also to what sex you belong to (women can do several things at once, so it's harder for them to immediately concentrate and determine where? Right ?, and where? Left?). Men also often have this problem, especially in a stressful situation, but they rarely admit it.

It is difficult to navigate and those who have small physiological disturbances in brain work and retrained lefties.

To stop confusing you can help a small set of exercises.



To teach you to distinguish?right ? Left? A child, you need to play with them in themed games, for example, when a child puts on shoes, call on which foot.


Ask him to name his subjects on the right or left of the child.


Play the game where the child will have to raise the right foot, the left handle, both handles, to make steps, to whirl. It's best to do this under cheerful music.


Explain verses, for example:
... The student stood at the fork in the road.
Where right, Where the left, he could not understand.
But suddenly the student in his head scratched
The same hand, which he wrote.
And he threw the ball and leafed through the page.
He held a spoon and swept the floors.
?Victory!? ? There was a jubilant cry.
Where right, Where the left, learned the student.
(V. Berestov? Where? right, Where is the left?)


To learn how to orient an adult, you need to make yourself a nodule for memory ?: on the left side, we have a heart, rightTh hand? An engagement ring, and on the left? clock.


Adapt the game for children in the adult version: learn to dance, do aerobics, say "about yourself?" In which direction do you move.

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