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How to distinguish the right and left

How to distinguish between right and left

Confused? Right? and? left? both children and adults.

It depends not only on how wellyou learn to navigate in space as a child, but also on the floor to which you belong (women can do several things at once, so they find it harder to focus and immediately determine where the? right ?, and where? left?). In men, too often there is a problem, especially in a stressful situation, but they rarely admit it.

It is difficult to navigate and to those who have little physiological disorders in the brain and retrain lefties.

Stop confused you can help a small complex exercise.



To learn how to distinguish?right ? Left? child to play with him in themed games, such as when a child wears shoes, called on any leg.


Ask him to name things are right or left of the child.


Play the game, where the child will be required to lift the right foot, left hand, both handles, to take steps to spin. It is best to do so under the cheerful music.


Learn poems, for example:
... It was a student at the fork in the road.
Where rightWhere the left, he could not understand.
But suddenly the student in the head scratched
That very hand that wrote.
And throwing a ball, and page flipping.
And spoon held, and the floor swept.
?Victory!? ? there was a jubilant shout.
Where rightWhere left, I learned disciple.
(V. Berastau Where rightWhere the left?)


To learn how to navigate an adult, you need to do for yourself? Nodule on memory ?: left side we have the heart to rightsecond hand? wedding ring, and on the left? clock.


Adapt the game for children in the adult version: learn to dance, do some aerobics, try speaking to himself? in what direction you make a move.

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