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How to distinguish chinchillas on the floor

How to distinguish chinchillas on the floor

Chinchillas - wonderful velvet creation, it is not surprising that they have become so popular among pet lovers.

Often, inexperienced owners are not able to distinguish female from male chinchilla.

The fact is that the sex of a chinchilla looks almost not expressed.



There is some difficulty to distinguisha female from the male chinchilla. The fact that these animals no sex differences in color. It is believed that the female chinchilla slightly larger than the male, but this feature is not necessary to be guided, as you can easily make a mistake. The fact that the chinchilla size depends not only on sexual characteristics, but on the conditions and diet. For example, same-sex individuals of the same age can vary considerably in size, living in different hosts.


Another common among amateursgender-considered character. The fact that females are usually much calmer and cleanliness males. However, this feature is not necessary to be guided, in fact largely determined by the nature of the individual characteristics of a particular animal. There are a wild females and males balanced.

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The only reliable way to distinguish maleChinchilla by females - to consider the sexual organs animal, but here it is not so easy. The fact that the reproductive organs of external chinchilla boys and girls are visually very similar, virtually undetectable in male testicles clearly defined. It is necessary to be guided only by the distance between the genitals and the anus of the animal. The male chinchilla this distance is much greater than that of females. After seeing a few animals, you immediately realize what was going on. Genitals girl chinchilla very tightly pressed to the anus, and it is immediately obvious.

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Puberty chinchilla to reach aboutage of six months. If you have not been to determine the sex of the animals, and they do not sit down, you can inadvertently prevent unplanned mating. It is worth remembering that the pairing between a chinchilla litter and even just one bloodline is highly undesirable, as the quality of the offspring in this case the noticeable worsening. If you have seriously decided to breed chinchillas, try to divide the time boys and girls.

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