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How to distinguish females from males parrots

How to distinguish females from males parrots

Many people dream to buy budgies, but coming to the pet store, lost because simply did not know how to determine the sex of the pet.

There are several ways to distinguish the female from the male budgie.

When buying a bird, should carefully examine thecere of the beak, which is in its upper part. Determine the sex of a parrot on cere lot easier if the age of the birds acquired more than three months. At this age, the females parakeets cere becomes grayish-white or brown color, and males will turn blue. Paws males also have a bluish color.

Typically, the behavior of parrots male moreactive. It is the males like to loaf, sing, make noise and attract attention. Finding himself in a new situation, males show a desire to actively explore what surrounds them.

A bit harder to determine the sex of the bird, ifParrots only 1-2 months of age. At this age, the females cere is white with a bluish tint, and males - purple. Females parrots normally have a calm nature, than males.

Those who decided to buy a budgiewhite color, is to rely on the competence of sellers, because these birds floor can only be determined at an early age when the chicks are still in the nest under the care of parents.

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