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How to distinguish between back pain

How to distinguish between back pain

Sudden pain may enter the human not seen before with this problem, in a stupor.

It is difficult to immediately determine, for whatever reason, it is a pain there, and, consequently, it is not clear what measures to take.

You will need

  • - Warming silicon
  • - medical checkup



If the pain in the lumbar region due to injuries, that is.e., it emerged after a fall or sudden impact or after the weights back transfer, you must first rule out a fracture or a herniated disc, and various damage of the intervertebral joints and ligaments. Identify it can trauma surgeon or surgeon. Therefore, the patient must be taken to a medical facility. If a person can not walk, call an ambulance.


Listen to the pain. The emergence of a herniated disc can be identified by the following symptoms: a sharp "shooting" back pain that extends to the thigh and the entire leg up to the base of the foot. Relieving pain helps position lying on the back or on the side with slightly bent legs.


The appearance of pulling sensation in the lower back,accompanied by fever, inflammation may be caused by kidney disease. In order to make sure what caused the symptoms described, turn sharply to the side. When kidney disease the pain intensified. Also for inflammation of the kidneys characterized by the fact that the patient can not lie straight, he wants to bend his back and roll over on its side.


Sciatica and low back pain is characterized by the fact that the pain increased during movement. In this case it is impossible to turn to the side or to straighten your back straight.


Eliminate the mechanical causes of pain. So, can hurt lumbar after sleep if sick slept in an awkward position or in the uncomfortable beds. There is pain after prolonged exercise as a result of stretching or surge back muscles. Particularly widespread pain associated with unaccustomed exercise. This back starts to hurt after a few hours after the load.


In any case, if not only the pain caused byuncomfortable position during sleep or overexertion back, see a doctor to he appointed the correct treatment. If back pain from fatigue, rub her warming ointment or salve.

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