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How to distinguish the phone from the Chinese counterfeiting

How to distinguish the phone from the Chinese counterfeiting

Every year manufactured phones are becoming more functional and more difficult.

However, Chinese producers did notafraid of such complexity, and they can easily fake any phone. Due to the fact that Chinese fake at times cheaper than the original, the dissemination of such handicrafts became very profitable for retailers.

As a result, the risk to buy an expensive phone, in fact, set up in China is very high.

Here's how not to fall for fake and distinguish it from the original.



Usually Chinese fake weighs very little, itvery easy to calculate, knowing how much weighs about a particular phone. For instance, Nokia phones produces very heavy in comparison with its counterfeiting and it is easy to calculate.


Also it is necessary to open the back cover mobilephone to look at the battery. To check the original mobile phone batteries, just to shine ultraviolet light on a shiny sticker, which is placed on the surface of the battery. In the original battery can be seen under ultraviolet light bright yellow stripes.


You can also look at the sticker on the backremovable phone panel, in fake it will be of poor quality. Compare the numbers of the serial number, and if the numbers significantly larger than the original, it is likely, the device - a fake.


We always substandard counterfeits plastic thatwhen you press on it with your fingers starts to sag. The materials of which made the phone can sometimes be unnatural shades. And when you open the clamshell forged start to creak.


Sometimes you can identify a fake by poor translation or spelling mistakes in words.


If you decide to buy a new phone, it is notlazy and look first on the Internet on the official websites of manufacturers, it should look like this or that machine, and compare with what you'll find on the counter.

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