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How to distinguish a fake from the real bill

How to distinguish a fake from the real bill

The most common in Russia are in circulation rubles, dollars and euros.

To be attentive and do not rush the preparation of money, you can immediately identify a counterfeit bill and avoid unpleasant situations in the future.



Consider the bill up to the light, peering especially to the watermark.
& Nbsp-thousand-bills often counterfeited. In real money, the uneven distribution of color - there are lighter and darker areas with a smooth transition from one to another. On the forgery watermark usually monophonic - very dark. In considering the five thousandth notes in the margins you will notice a watermark in the form of 5000 and Portrait of Muraviev-Amur. They have lots lighter or darker than the background, like a flowing one into the other.
On the front side of the dollar, issued after1996, is located right watermark with the image of the president. US money printed before 1996, only protected by a special "money" with colorful paper fibers. Therefore, they are often counterfeited.
A watermark euro clearly marked several shades of gray. A tone indicates that in front of you a false bill.


Check if the color is changed by tilting the bill.
In the thousand-bill bear - coat of armsYaroslavl - must be from crimson to green. On the coat of arms of Khabarovsk five thousandth bill changes color from magenta to golden green, and ornamental ribbon become visible dark letters PP, which in turn brighten light.
In dollar figures from different angles change color from green to black.
Paint that changes color, is used for printing kupyurv 50 euros and above. At right angles to the field numbers look purple, and a sharp - brown or olive.


Find microtext.
A magnifying glass on the five-thousandth banknote you can see the line of the number 5000 and the abbreviation of the CBR.
On the dollar in the same way the inscription USA can be seen inside the numbers and the figures indicate the denomination, and the portrait frame - microprinting.
On euro microtext used- not pay attention to the hologram and a protective strip of pearl with the designation of nominal value and the image of the euro character.


Get accustomed to the security thread.
On the counterfeit rubles thread is always on top of figures.
On the security thread of these dollars are printed the letters USA, value and a simplified image of the American flag. However, there is no thread on the bills issued before 1990.
Security thread on the euro, in contrast to the threads on rubles and dollars, is visible not only to the light and does not contain any inscriptions.


Feel printing.
"Relief," have a thousand and five thousand rubles. On thousandth banknote can be found microperforation, holes in which up to the light should look smooth. The denomination should not be rough. In the five thousandth bill has a convex sign for the visually impaired (three bars and two points) and the words "ticket Russian bank."
In dollar can "probe" all black (front) side. Especially there is a deep stamp on the dark elements of the portrait. By the way, such ink is magnetic.
In the euro to the touch line with the ECB recognized abbreviation in five languages.

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