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How to distinguish a fake Beats headphones


Beats Headphones brand (formerly called Monster Beats) are among the most popular on the market thanks to the high quality and stylish design.

It is not surprising that they are interested in a lot of unscrupulous Chinese manufacturers who began to produce fakes.

In this connection it is necessary to know how to distinguish the original Beats.

Pirates try to replicate as closely as possiblethe appearance of headphones Beats and their packaging. However, in order to reduce production costs, as well as for some other reason, they depart from the original. For different headphone models have their own signs, which can distinguish a fake. The most common discrepancies headphone Beats Tour:
- On the original plug headphones applied serial number, a fake no-
- Complete real Beats has a case with an embossed symbol "B" -
- Nozzles for headphones originally packaged in a separate plastic pocket.
If we talk about the Beats Studio model, often there are the following differences:
- In the original set of headphones includes 2 AAA batteries, which is carried out through the power device-
- On fakes is not selecting "mute" -
- Under the removable cover left ear pads shall be the serial number of device-
- At present there are Beats on lamp - lever with red lamp that lights up when headphones vklyucheny-
- Complete original headphone adapter has a jack-and napkin with Beats inscription.
In headphones Beats Pro has its own characteristics which can detect the fraud:
- From the original cup and headband headphones soft, not hard, like counterfeiting. All seams should be smooth, without defektov-
- Jack- adapter may not appear in the complete fake headphones. In the original, it should be a golden napyleniem-
- At present Beats Pro must disconnect the wire spiral.
Among other things, it should be noted and otherfeatures that will help identify a fake. For example, one can still find the headphones that are sold under the brand name "Monster Beats", although in 2012 the brand is simply called "Beats", with the same name must begin and all headphone models.
It should also be wary ofshops that offer the device at low prices or carry out actions like "buy some headphones and get a second pair free. Original Beats too expensive and popular that they were arranged like sales. Also, do not buy headphones different colors, information on which is not on the manufacturer's website.
Particular attention should be paid to the headphone packaging, after all it is trying to save the pirates:
- Original box different quality to it, see instructions on different yazykah-
- The cover must be opened together with the upper and lateral part of upakovki-
- Company logo should be clear, not razmytym-
- Cover in the original should hold the magnet 2.
Due to the above tips, you can best protect yourself from buying counterfeit Beats headphones, and enjoy perfect sound quality and stylish design of the original.

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