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How to distinguish a fake 1,000 rubles

How to distinguish a fake 1,000 rubles

Sometimes people are not aware that any money in their purse can be faked.

And in vain - it is better to detect a counterfeit time and on their own, than it will make the dealer at the checkout.

In addition, to distinguish a fake 1,000 rubles is quite simple.



First, determine what material is made bill. This bill 1000 rubles is on a special laminate. Fake is often printed on paper.


Feel bill. At the edges have felt small strokes, and the text "ticket Russian bank" a little relief. It is made for people with low vision, so this bill you have to feel these signs easily.


Slightly tilt the bill. The original banknote has a shiny horizontal bar in the center of Yaroslavl city emblem. By changing the tilt angle from the center strip is moved up or down.


Examine the security thread that reaches the surface of paper. When tilting the bill you should see a number or numbers "1000" with a rhombus between them, or simply iridescent sheen.


Find a monotonous green field. If you tilt the banknote, you should see on the original yellow and blue stripes - a continuation of colored bands of dark areas of the field. Also, these bands are visible under ultraviolet light.


Consider the bill to the light. You should see a portrait of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, lighter than the main part of the bill (it's located right on the front of, next to him is a light watermark - "1000").


On the back side of the banknote are dark number "1000", alternating with diamonds. Consider this site on the clearance: the number should be bright on a dark background.


Place the bill to the light and look just below the coat of arms of Yaroslavl. On this bill, you will see an inscription "1000", consisting of many small holes. It feels impossible to find them.


Look at the bill 1,000 rubles, or through a magnifying glassmagnifying glass. On the front side at the top and bottom of the ornamental tape you will see a few lines of text with a miniature. This is a fairly clear sign of this bill, because counterfeiters usually do not add this text.


With increasing noticeably, the building is on the front side of the bill (ie, next to the chapel) is composed of several small elements.

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