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How to display the TV sound

How to display the TV sound

TV speakers, tend to provide very poor quality of sound that can be especially disappointing when you view satellite channels.

But full-time connectivity to external TVs acoustics rarely implemented.

However, if you wish, you can always get by with non-standard capabilities.



Most of the TV, even the oldest ofThey are, as a rule, headphone output, a connection which blocks the sound output to the TV's own speakers. This output can be equipped with any connector but more or less current models typically used minijack. Pick the appropriate adapter and connect the headphone output of the TV to the input of your amplifier or receiver.


If the headphone output on your TV does notthere, you can try to take a signal directly from the TV speakers. Unpack the cabinet and get going to the speaker wires. Check their polarity, then, after disconnecting them from the TV speakers, solder them in extensions ending in jack on your amplifier. Operation is not too complicated or long, but it requires a certain care.


If the TV still has the ability toAudio output to external devices (check in on the operation manual), everything becomes much easier - just plug in a TV using the audio cables to the amplifier and enjoy.

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