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How to output TV sound


How to output TV sound</a>

Television speakers, as a rule, provide very low quality of sound reproduction, which can be especially offensive when watching satellite channels.

But the regular possibilities of connecting external speakers in TVs are rarely implemented.

However, if there is a desire, it is always possible to manage non-standard opportunities.



Most TVs, even the oldest onesThey, as a rule, have a headphone output, the connection to which blocks the output of sound on the TV's own speakers. This output can be equipped with any connector but in more or less modern models it is usually used minijack. Select the correct adapter and connect the headphone output of the TV to the input of your amplifier or receiver.


If you are not using headphones on a TVYou can try to take the signal directly from the TV speakers. Open its case and find the wires coming to the speakers. Clarify their polarity, then, after disconnecting them from the TV speakers, solder the extension cords that end with the connector of your amplifier. The operation is not too complicated or long, but it requires some attention.


If, however, the TV has the abilityAudio output to external devices (please check the manual about operation), then everything becomes much easier - just connect the TV to the amplifier with the help of audio cables and enjoy.

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