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HOW bring the stain with white clothes

How to bring the stain with white clothes

mostly white clothing exposedpollution, in contrast to the dark and colorful, but at the same time, remove from it even easier stain resistant, do not be afraid that it will lose color or shed.

Must act, depending on the type of contamination, and stain resistance of the fabric.

Be careful with sensitive tissues, they lose their appearance, chaotic sprawling.



If you spot food-borne paint or pre-apply it spotremover. Bleach is better not to use, it destroys the fiber and contributes to premature wear of the material. The spots of enamel or other paints on the basis of lacquer, pre-treat with gasoline or kerosene. But in this case, before washing apply spotremover, in extreme cases - dishwashing detergent.


Wash hand or machine washing. The heating temperature in place depending on the fabric, if you want to just raise it, then do it no more than 10-15 degrees, the fabric may wrinkle and stretch if you are too overstated the recommended temperature range. When washing wool and silk, do not raise the heat, better put a little more powder, preferably with optical brighteners. This type of bleach is added to all items of white powders, but the ones that are more expensive contain a more concentrated dose of the active substance.


After washing, take a look at the result of the works, ifit does not suit you, try to repeat the same procedure. Typically, the second time from the spot no trace remains, even if it was splashed on your clothes for several years. This is not a miraculous escape from the pollution, it is only the action of modern chemical agents that are designed in accordance with modern life and the frenzied rhythm.

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