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How to remove red wine


How to remove red wine</a>

Romantic dinner or a cheerful feast can be easily spoiled by a spot of red wine planted on your favorite sofa, carpet or clothes.

Do not despair - the wine can be withdrawn with the help of improvised means.

You will need

  • - napkins-
  • - salt-
  • - ammonia-
  • - Milk-
  • - vodka-
  • - glycerin-
  • - Wine alcohol.



Not in any situation you can immediately tackleCleaning his clothes. Sitting at a party or in a restaurant, you do not remove the soiled dress and do not take it to dry cleaning. But you can provide first-aid clothes. Take a few napkins from the table and pat them with a cloth to remove the liquid. Then, if the situation allows, take a small bowl of salt, grab another pair of napkins and go to the bathroom. In the salt, add a little cold water so that a thick gruel is obtained. Apply it to the stain and wipe it well, after which remove the rest of the salt with a tissue. Now you can return to the guests - the stain became less noticeable, and in the evening you can easily wash off the remnants of red wine.


Wash the thing on which the wineStain, in cold water with the addition of ammonia in it (one teaspoon per liter of water). After this, repeat the washing already in warm water with the addition of a detergent. From the spot there will be no trace.


If the stain was planted on cotton cloth,Get rid of it will help warm milk. Using a cotton swab, moisten them with dirty cloth and leave for five to ten minutes. After that, wash in warm water with a detergent and hang dry.


Remove the stain from wool or silk will help blend outGlycerol and alcohol mixed in equal proportions. Spot should be moistened with plenty of means and leave for several hours. After that, the excess liquid must be removed with a napkin and rinse the thing in cool water. It will become clean again.


Not all things can be washed. If you plant a stain on such clothes or a piece of interior, prepare a remedy from one part of glycerin, one part of ammonia and three parts of vodka. Wet a tampon in the mixture and treat the stain until it disappears.

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