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How to remove an ink stain

How to remove an ink stain</a>

If you planted an ink spot on your favorite blouse or on a tablecloth? Do not despair and do not rush to put the spoiled thing in the washing machine.

Before you start washing, you must first remove the stain.



Before you start cleaning, you must firstShould clean the matter. Can this be done with a brush? First dry, and then wet. To remove stains better from the wrong side, laying under the cloth a few paper napkins.


To remove stains best with a tampon fromSoft white cotton cloth, cotton wool or cotton wool. To prevent the ink stain from blurring, start cleaning from the edges of the dirt to the center, after wetting the spots around the spot.


Stains from ink can be removed with a solutionAmmonia and soda (a glass of water - a teaspoon of alcohol and one or two teaspoons of soda). In order to remove the stain from the white fabric, you can use a mixture of ammonia with hydrogen peroxide. After the stain disappears, you must rinse the cloth in cold clean water.


From fresh ink spots you can get rid ofHelp of milk. To do this, soak the cloth in warm milk for several hours, then wash with soap in warm water with the addition of a small amount of ammonia.


Remove ink stain from silk fabric canWith the help of mustard. Mustard powder is mixed with water, and the resulting gruel is spread on the stain and left for a day. Then the slurry is scraped off the fabric, and the cloth is rinsed in cold water.


Fresh ink spots can be removed by sprinkling the contaminated area with salt and watering it with lemon juice. After the stain disappears, the tissue should be rinsed properly.

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