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How to display the ink stain

How to display the ink stain

If you put the ink stain on your favorite shirt or tablecloth? do not despair and do not rush to bury rotten thing in the washing machine.

Before starting washing, we must first bring the stain.



Before you start cleaning, it is necessary to first asclean the cloth. This can be done with a brush? first dry and then wet. Show spots better from the inside out by placing the fabric a few paper napkins.


Show stains best with a swab ofsoft white cotton cloth, wool or cotton cloth. To ink stain is not blurred, it is necessary to start cleaning from pollution edges to the center, pre-moistened places around the spot.


The spots of ink can be removed with a solutionammonia and soda (a glass of water? tea spoon of alcohol and one or two teaspoons of soda). In order to bring the stain with a white cloth, you can use a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Once the stain disappears, it is necessary to rinse the fabric in cold clean water.


From fresh ink stains can be removed withcare milk. For this it is necessary to soak the fabric in warm milk for several hours, then washed with soap and warm water with a small amount of ammonia.


Print ink stain with silk fabric can beusing mustard. Mustard powder is mixed with water, and the resulting slurry is spread on the stain and leave for a day. The slurry was then scraped from the tissue, and the tissue rinsed in cold water.


Fresh ink stains can be derived, sprinkle the area with salt and watering it with lemon juice. Once the stain disappears, the tissue should be properly rinsed.

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