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How to display a fungus under the floor in a wooden house?

Fungus under the floor can be harmful to human health

When the mold spores enter the house, they can start to multiply in a comfortable environment for them moist. From the fungus can not get rid of by conventional cleaning.

But it can be overcome, as well as to prevent its re-occurrence.

In nature, some species of mold corrodebiological waste. But in the house mold can cause a lot of damage in the first place the health of its inhabitants. If the fungus began to proliferate under the floor of your wooden house, it is necessary to remove the cause of its occurrence, bring the fungus, and then change sex.

In the world there are about 100,000 types of mold fungus. And this is no accident. If not for fungal bacteria, the world would be mired in a pile of garbage.

Release of the room

Leave shoes outside the clean room affected by a fungus, not to spread spores around the apartment or house, when you go in and out of the room.

Always dispose of easily replaceable items, which will find traces of mold.

Take out of the room all home accessories. Take uninfected subjects in a clean place. Affected subjects fungus fold in garbage bags. Seal and take out the trash bags on the street.
Fold clothes, wash the carpets and furniture in the sun. They should be treated later.

Sealing and ventilation of the room

Sealed room, mold, coverDoor dense film. Impaled with nails or glue film tape. Open the window in the room to ventilate the room. Place on a window sill fan and turn it on. You can also place a fan on the floor, sending it to the window. Do not send it to the affected areas to debate got off the ground.

Removing the cover from the floor

Tear off the plinth in the affected area. Sometimes, in the rooms there is an intermediate floor. It should be removed too. Remove the covering in the room all on the floor. If you are sure that the mold was struck by a small section of the floor, you can only open it and another 35-70 cm circle next to it. Be prepared to withdraw more coverage if mold is found somewhere else.
Depending on the type of flooring startit removed as gently as possible. If the floor is parquet and the like, start with the room. If the room is lined with carpet, tear it along with padded on the boards. Separate the linoleum using a scraper and encourage him. Spray water on the affected mold areas to the fungus could not evaporate. Carpets, linoleum and similar coatings should be discarded. Inspect wooden floorboard or coating. If they do not have traces of mold, they can postpone the processing areas affected by fungus.

Processing moldy surfaces

Mix 1 cup of borax to 4 liters of water in a largebucket. Pour the solution in a plastic bottle with a spray to treat small areas. Large areas should be treated with a mop and brush. Blot liquid floor. Wait for 10 - 15 minutes. Scratch the floor brush. Again, dab it with a solution. Repeat once more.
treat the floorboard If necessary, thesame solution. Vacuum the floor thoroughly to remove dead fungus. Spray coating on the floor and a little solution. Leave be dried for 1-2 days. To the treated areas dry faster, turn on the heater or air conditioner.
After drying the surface of the drill will prevent re-occurrence of mold. Replace flooring and baseboards.
Before entering a damaged home accessories back into the house, treat them with a solution of borax.

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