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How to withdraw red ants

How to withdraw red ants

Red ants - are one of the most common pests. They are carriers of various dangerous infections, diseases and viruses.

Get rid of them is not easy, but if you make every effort, you will be rewarded for their efforts.



Destruction ants It may take several days depending on the extent of the lesion. Complete destruction of ants It is going after you destroy allnests and pockets. This can apply processing flat antiseptic. But this procedure is troublesome and inefficient. Ants, which are in your house will die, but those who live outside it, immediately come to your house again, so ants you need to remove the mass.


If the source ants is in the house, you first need to find the center. Make sure they understand where they are going, and then find the nest. You immediately realize that this is it, if you see a bunch of ants and eggs, but do not rush to press them, please be first dichlorvos, it is very well destroy ants and captures the huge affected area. They just do not have time to run away and die.


If after you have destroyed the nest onyour kitchen ants continue to climb, in your apartment, there is another focus. Treat the house special crayons in specialized stores their huge set. The ants eat the poison and carry it to their children and the uterus, then all will die soon and then will no longer be hosting in your apartment.

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