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How to remove a ballpoint pen

Remove the stain from the ballpoint pen, while it's still fresh</a>

An ink spot from a ballpoint pen can spoil any thing, from a workbook to a new dress.

However, removing ink from the pen will not be difficult, if you have some household solvents at hand.

You will need

  • - medical or ammonia alcohol (ammonia solution)
  • - stain remover
  • - warm soapy water
  • - milk, salt, lemon
  • - masking stroke or corrector, shaving brush



Choose how to remove ink depending on what material the ballpoint pen left on the track. Try to remove the stain while it is still fresh.


If the ballpoint pen is dirty, blotHer cotton pad dipped in medical or ammonia alcohol. You can try to wipe the stain. After this, the thing needs to be washed, so that alcohol spouts disappear. In the event that ammonia is not available, an alcoholic infusion of valerian can help.


Soak the thing with the stain in the stain remover, as indicated on the instruction. Stain the stain remover with gloves.


If you do not have any special tools at hand,Open the refrigerator. For certain there there will be milk or a lemon. Try to pour a little bit of heated, but not boiling milk on the stain or squeeze out lemon juice. Then wash the thing in warm soapy water. However, this method does not always give a positive result, especially if the stain is old. If the stain is on woolen cloth, sprinkle it with salt, hold, then wash.


It is difficult to remove a spot on paper, it is easier to cover it with a stroke or scrape it with a shaver.

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