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output spot from ballpoint pens needed, while it is still fresh

Ink stains from ballpoint pens can destroy any thing from the workbook to a new dress.

However, to withdraw ink from the pen does not take much, if at hand you have a certain household solvents.

You will need

  • - Medical or ammonia (ammonia)
  • - Stain remover
  • - Warm soapy water
  • - Milk, salt, lemon
  • - Masking bar or corrector britvochka



Select the method of removing the ink, depending on what material left its mark ballpoint pen. Try to remove the stain while it is still fresh.


If the pen mess cloth, blotit with a cotton pad soaked in a medical or ammonia. You can try to wipe the stain. After that, the thing you need to wash to alcohol stains disappeared. If ammonia is not at hand, can help an alcoholic tincture of valerian.


Soak the item in a spot stain remover, as shown in the instructions. Stain better pour gloves.


If the hand does not require special tools,open the refrigerator. Surely there exists a milk or lemon. Try to pour on the stain a little hot, but not boiling milk or squeeze the lemon juice. Then wash the item with warm soapy water. However, this method does not always give a positive result, especially if the stain inveterate. If the stain is on wool, sprinkle it with salt, soak, then wash.


Blot on paper is difficult to deduce, easier to cover his touch or scrape britvochkoy.

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