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Will Internet tablets crowd out e-books


Now you can read e-books as onThe reader, and on the tablet. To argue about what is better - tablets or readers, is not entirely correct. These are completely different devices that were created for different purposes.

Will Internet tablets crowd out e-books
Recently, people are increasingly reading books inElectronic format. Since it is not very convenient to read them from a monitor or laptop, a special device is required for reading. First, for a comfortable reading of books, a reader (an e-book) was invented. Then came the tablets. You can read books from both devices, although these are completely different things, and they were created for different purposes. However, this does not prevent users from arguing which gadget is better for reading books - a tablet or a reader.

Pros and Cons of the Reader

Reader is intended for reading books only.Electronic format. It can be built-in additional functions, such as the presence of Wi-Fi or the ability to play music, but the main task of this device remains the same.

One of the advantages of e-books is E-Inkscreen. E-Ink is the so-called "electronic ink" technology. Such displays outwardly resemble an ordinary piece of paper, and also provide a comfortable and safe reading. The reader consumes very little power, because the display image is updated only when turning the page. Therefore, the e-book can work without recharging for several weeks.

However, the E-Ink displays are very expensive, and even fragile. Also, an e-book in the dark will need additional lighting - the displays are not backlit.

Pros and cons of the tablet

The tablet is much more functionalDevice than the reader. On it you can not only read books, but also watch movies, listen to music, chat on the Internet. A tablet is no longer a gadget, like an e-book, it is a compact "computer" created for entertainment.

The main advantage of the tablet is itsMultifunctionality. If you need a device that allows you not only to read books, but also to perform various functions, it is better to choose a tablet. However, the tablet screen is not as convenient for reading books as the E-Ink display. In addition, a good tablet will cost much more than an e-book.

So, whether the multifunctional tablet will replaceE-book, it is rather difficult to determine. It depends on the purpose for which the device is purchased. For comfortable reading of books users purchase e-books. And those who need other functions besides reading, get a tablet. But judging by the volume of sales - more and more users are leaning on the side of the tablet. And, perhaps, after a while e-books will be a relic of the past.

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