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How to make a disk defragmentation


How to make a disk defragmentation</a>

When saving, editing, moving and deleting files on the hard drive, the file structure is broken into fragments? Is fragmented.

Parts of the modified files are scattered in distant sectors of the hard drive.

With each new overwriting of files, the computer's performance slows down, and the files open longer and longer because the hard disk has to search for scraps of information in different sectors of memory.



To speed up the search for fragments of files and fileSystems in the Microsoft Windows operating system, a function such as defragmenting a disk is created. It takes quite a long time, sometimes up to a dozen hours, depending on the degree of fragmentation of files and the physical volume of the hard drive, but it is quite simple to perform in the background.
To manually start the defragmentation program,Click on the "My Computer" tab, select the desired hard disk, for example, (C :). Right-click on it, and select? Properties? In the context menu.


In the Properties window that appears, select the "Tools" tab. And click on the button? Run (defrag)? In the window? Defragment the disk ?.


In the opened defragmentation dialog boxSelect a volume (by default it was already selected in the previous step), first analyze it by clicking? Analyze ?. After analyzing the clusters, proceed with defragmentation by clicking the? Defragment? Button. Now it remains to wait for the defragmentation to finish.

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