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HOW do disk defragmentation

How to defragment a disk

When you save, edit, move and delete files on the hard disk, the file structure is broken into fragments? fragmented.

Parts of the changed files are scattered in distant from each other the hard drive sectors.

With each new overwriting files, your computer slows down, and the files are opened longer and longer because the hard drive has to search for pieces of information in different memory sectors.



To speed up the search for files and file fragmentssystems in the Microsoft Windows operating system created a feature as disk defragmentation. It takes a lot of time, sometimes up to ten hours, depending on the degree of fragmentation of files and the physical volume of the hard drive, but it is fairly easy in the background.
To manually run defragmentation software,click on the label? My Computer ?, select the desired hard drive, for example, (C :). Click the right mouse button and select? Properties? in the context menu.


In the resulting Properties window, select the tab? Service? and click on the button, Run (defrag)? in the window? Disk Defragmenter ?.


In the dialog box, defragmentationhard disk, select the volume (by default, it has already been selected in the previous paragraph), first analyze it by clicking? Analyze ?. After the analysis of the cluster, start the defragmentation by clicking? Defragment ?. Now we have to wait until the end of the defragmentation.

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