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Disinfection can be very dangerous

Disinfection can be dangerous

In recent years, around us a very wide variety of disinfectants.

Laundry detergents, dishwashing, floor and even fruit.

Many believe that only disinfectantsfunds can protect us from the attacks of germs and bacteria. This view is quite wrong, as that disinfectant hand gels can clean your hands from germs without soap and water.

But no one thought about the fact that such a disinfection can be dangerous.

Disinfectant gels very poorly cleaned and hands,in addition, they contain dangerous allergens. When you use these tools, we should not forget that our body is able to independently fight germs around us. For protection against them is enough to wash hands and floors.

Even if your house a small child does notAiming to create a sterile environment. The use of antibiotics in the environment of the child may end up very hurt his health. A stay in a sanitized environment for the child from an early age is dangerous to health, as it increases the risk of allergy.

Dangerous in this case may be detergents for the house, as they contain antibacterial substances that irritate the skin, mucosa eyes, harmful to the environment.

When buying disinfecting wipes are also worthbe very careful, not all of them are designed to disinfect cuts, and some of them even are not suitable for use on damaged skin. If you are unsure, it is best not to buy them.

The most affordable and effective treatment optioncuts - this remarkable agents such as hydrogen peroxide and, of course, iodine. It is also not necessary to use bleach for laundry, because even after rinsing, they often leave marks on clothes and, of course, further contact with the skin when worn.

The most common detergent is quite able to cope with germs and bacteria.

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