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Dishes that will interest every child


Almost every mother faces a problemLack of appetite in a child. Kids are happy to taste sweets, but the useful products quite often do not cause them no interest. Do not rush to scold the child and force him to eat soups, vegetables and other foods needed by every organism. Use your ingenuity and little cunning.

Dishes that will interest every child



All children love to watch cartoons and listenfairy tales. Surely, your baby has his favorite fairy-tale characters. Take advantage of this while preparing the dish for the baby. To create an edible hero, absolutely all products are suitable. For example, from a cutlet you can easily create a cute bear. Add any pasta - and before you a funny face with curls. You can make facial features with olives, carrots, tomatoes. If you experiment a little, then without special efforts you will make on a children's plate a favorite character, fairy-tale animals, and unusual landscapes or even still lifes. The kid will appreciate your work with dignity.


Another method of improving the appetite of a child is play. Invite the kid to make a plate of a hero from a fairy tale on his plate. The character can be famous, but you can come up with your own magic hero. To create a children's masterpiece, use the food that the baby will have to eat. Actively participate in the idea, perhaps the child will need your help when creating individual parts. After completing the assignment, invite the baby to taste his creation. The child will not only be full, but will receive an additional portion of good mood.


If you do not have time for culinary fantasies,Use one more method. During the meal start telling the baby his favorite fairy tale. Switch the child's attention to the products you have prepared for him. Turn your story into a little game. For example, a soup spoon can become a trailer, which should go to a tunnel, whose role will be fulfilled by the baby's mouth. A piece of bread is turned into an airplane. Play with the child in bunnies, favorite dishes of which are cabbage and carrots. There are a lot of examples of such games, gradually you can think out new games for the child without additional thought.


Here are a few tips. From cucumbers it is very easy to make lizards, crocodiles, tree trunks or leaves. Pasta can perform the role of hair or tree crowns, you can make funny characters, for example, curly dogs. The main advantage of fruits and vegetables - they are very easy to cut out different parts. From eggs and tomatoes you can make a mushroom glade, funny ladybirds. Thanks to your child's cunning and imagination, you can create whole edible fairy tales, so that the baby will be full, and you will not worry about his appetite.

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