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Dishes from a pumpkin. Recipes


In Russia the pumpkin is not among the popularVegetables, and completely in vain. Pumpkin flesh is rich in vitamins, sugar, fiber, proteins. Pumpkin menu can be very diverse, soups, cereals are prepared from it, it is fried, stuffed, makes salads.

Dishes from a pumpkin. Recipes

Meat "Revel", according to legend, the Empress CatherineI personally cooked for Peter the Great. One serving should be 150 grams of meat and 200 g of pumpkin. Cut the beef cut into portions and discourage. Part of the pumpkin grate on a large grater and lightly crumble until the appearance of juice.

Mix the pumpkin with meat and leave for a few hours to marinate, then take the beef out of the pumpkin, salt, pepper to taste and fry in vegetable oil for 3-5 minutes on each side.

Cut the remaining vegetable slices 2-3 cm thick and fry in boiling oil, add them to meat and put out 10-15 minutes. Serve boiled rice with garnish.

You can make donuts from pumpkins, the recipe is uncomplicated, the dish is prepared quickly. For donuts "Acre" will need:

- pumpkin 300 g-

- onion 1 head-

- greens - onions, parsley, thyme-

- garlic 1 large tooth-

- eggs 2 pieces-

- flour 200 g-

- dry yeast 1 teaspoon-

- sunflower oil 50 g-

- salt, pepper to taste.

Onions fry, squash the pumpkin, chop the greens. Mix all the ingredients and put the dough for half an hour to proof. Fry the donuts in a deep frying pan, deep-fried. To the table, serve hot, sprinkle with lemon juice.

For a festive feast the originalA dish of pumpkin "Creole casserole". It will take 1 kg of meat, preferably beef, and pumpkin, 2 onions, 2 cloves of garlic, 150 g of dried apricots, 5 tablespoons of rum, vegetable oil, spices - cardamom, pepper, nutmeg, salt.

Beef cut into small pieces, fryIn oil with rum, take the meat out, put onion and garlic in butter, make a roast. Return the meat, add dried apricots, pour a glass of broth or water and cook until ready.

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