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How to disguise a scar

How to disguise a scar

Though they say that the scars decorate itstatement refers exclusively to the representatives of a strong half of mankind. For women, on the other hand, a scar - it is a serious flaw that spoils the appearance and gives a lot of inconvenience.

What can we do to ugly scar became inconspicuous?



Use concealer dry.
This is perhaps the best means to mask any skin imperfections, including, and scars. Today concealers with excellent, reliable andlong-term masking effect produces most of the major cosmetic companies. Use this tool is simple enough. It is necessary to choose a concealer with a dry texture, apply it with a brush directly on the scar itself, as well as to drive into the skin at the edges. Then the tool should be well feather.


Try crumbly powder.
Apply to the area with a scar moisturizeror a special cream foundation makeup. Then apply with a brush a little loose powder and blend well. Try to make the boundary between the masked region and the other parts of the skin was invisible. By the way, especially loose powder helps those girls who are on the face scars from acne. A liquid foundation and compact powder in this case, help is worse.


Make a tattoo.
This method is suitable only brave people who do not confuse the surprised glances. Of course, on the face of the tattoo can not do, but when scars are on the hands, feet, shoulders, abdomen, back,or neck, this method sometimes becomes a real salvation. However, in this case it is necessary to select the master and studio very carefully - because make quality tattoo that completely hides the scar will only true professional.

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