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How to disguise a scar


How to disguise a scar</a>

Although they say that the scars adorn, thisThe statement refers exclusively to representatives of the strong half of humanity. For a woman, on the contrary, a scar is a serious drawback, which spoils the appearance and causes a lot of inconvenience.

What can I do to make the ugly scar imperceptible?



Use a dry concealer.
This is perhaps the best way to disguise any skin imperfections, including, and Scars. Today concealers with excellent, reliable andThe long-term masking effect is produced by most large cosmetic firms. Use this tool is simple enough. You should choose a concealer with a dry texture, apply it with a brush directly onto the scar itself, and also drive into the skin along the edges. Then the product must be well-shaded.


Try using loose powder.
Apply to the area with a scar moisturizing creamOr a special foundation cream for make-up. Then brush a little loose powder and also shake. Try to make sure that the border between the masked area and other areas of the skin is invisible. By the way, especially the powdery powder of those girls who have on their face Scars From acne. And liquid foundation creams and compact powder in this case help worse.


Make a tattoo.
This method is suitable only for courageous people who are not confused by the astonished looks of others. Of course, you can not make a tattoo on your face, but here in cases when Scars Are on the hands, feet, shoulders, abdomen, backOr even neck, this method sometimes becomes a real salvation. However, in this case it is necessary to choose the master and the studio very carefully - after all, to make a quality tattoo that completely conceals the scar, only a real professional can.

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