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How to disguise a pimple

How to disguise a pimple

Suddenly appeared on the pimple face is able to spoil the mood of anyone.

To always look perfect, you need to learn to mask the inflammatory elements in the skin.

Masking acne on the face

Acne can greatly spoil the lookhuman. To hide this shortcoming, it is important to learn to mask the pimples so that they become invisible to others. If the inflammatory elements were all over his face, then do so is unlikely to succeed. If we are talking about camouflage individual acne, it is possible to disguise them unnoticed.
Before you begin to camouflage acne, you need to thoroughly clean the face and handle all inflammatory elements.
Beauticians recommend treating pimples dries special means. Apply them when you need the help of a cotton swab.
Once a person is cleared, it is necessary to put on inflammatory elements corrector greenish tint. Green neutralizes redness, which makes it possible to make acne invisible.
Next you need to apply on pimples a little tonecream or tone corrector beige shade and face powder translucent powder. Apply a thick tonal foundation all over the face is not necessary. This makeup looks sloppy and careless.
To hide all acne is better to buy inpharmacy or cosmetics department special concealer pencil. In appearance it is a bit like a tube of lipstick. One side of such a product has a greenish tint, and the other - flesh. By using them in the above sequence, you can achieve high-quality masking inflammatory elements.

Terms of care for problem skin

To acne no longer appear on the face,you need to follow some basic rules. The most important thing in this case is the proper cleansing and treatment of inflammatory cells. It is desirable to use high-quality cosmetic products with antibacterial effect.
Disguise pimples just before going to needstreet. At home, it is better not to abuse the use of tonal resources, and to pay attention to the treatment of inflammatory cells. Dry them and prevent their occurrence will further processing means comprising tea tree oil.
If you have frequent rashes on the face should berefer to the beautician, who will prescribe the right treatment. After treatment in the skin and acne lesions concealment will likely not be necessary. A subsequent competent skin care will serve an excellent prevention of the appearance of new lesions.

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