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The fight against diseases fuchsia

Fighting fuchsia diseases

Novice growers are often discarded after flowering fuchsia and falling off leaves. This is mistake.

Fuchsia can survive the winter and, with proper care, the plant will be pleasing to the eye for many years.



Leaf fall. Probable cause - dry air. From time to time spray the leaves and, if possible, take out the plant in warm weather in the open air.


Bud drop. Normalize watering. It should be optimal and regular. The cause bud drop fuchsia can also serve as its rearrangement during flowering.


The short flowering period. Most likely the plant is not enough water. Cut the abundant watering in the winter and do not put the battery fuchsia. It is also important to remember that fuchsia photophilous plant, do not deprive it of sunlight.


Brown spots on the leaves. The soil is moistened. Reduce your watering. Excess water may cause root rot. In this case, save fuchsia will be difficult.


Be careful when placing the fuchsia in the hot and dryatmosphere. In this climate, it may be struck by whitefly. With this tiny insect it is very difficult to fight. Every three days, spray fuchsia permetrinosoderzhaschimi drugs. You can buy them in a flower or garden shop.

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