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Fighting with fuchsia


Fighting fuchsia</a>

Beginners often throw out fuchsia after flowering and falling leaves. This is mistake.

Fuchsia can survive the winter, and, with proper care, this plant will please the eye for many years.



Fall of leaves. The probable cause is dry air. From time to time, spray the leaves and, if possible, take the plant out in warm weather to open air.


Fall of buds. Normalize watering. It should be regular and optimal. The reason for the fall of the buds of fuchsia can also be its rearrangement during flowering.


Short flowering period. Most likely the plant does not have enough water. Reduce the abundance of watering in winter and do not put fuchsia to the battery. It is also important to remember that fuchsia is a light-loving plant, do not deprive it of sunlight.


Brown spots on the leaves. The soil is waterlogged. Cut the watering. Excess water can cause rotting roots. In this case, it will be hard to save the fuchsia.


Be careful when putting fuchsia in a hot and dryAtmosphere. In such a climate, it can be hit by a whitefly. With this tiny insect it is very difficult to fight. Every three days, spray fuchsia with permetrin-containing preparations. You can buy them in a flower or garden store.

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