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Discontinued inner monologue

Aborting inner monologue

A few years ago a study was carried out on the internal monologue. As a result, it was found that about 80% of people are periodically inner monologue.

About 30% were not aware of its presence, and the remaining 70% have tried to get rid of it.

So - self-talk - this is normal.

But if he gets you, then there is a way to reduce it.

What is the inner monologue?

This appeal to his inner speech, which periodically appear in our heads. When it occurs?

1. When you are dissatisfied with the result of a conversation with a certain person.

2. When you want someone just to talk.

3. When you are doing an action that requires concentration.

4. When you create something (eg, write a story) and therefore need to say something.

However, people tend to get stuck in a monologue at number one.

How to stop an internal monologue?

First, admit to yourself - that this monologue exists.

Second, realize that will be a logicalthe completion of the monologue. If this is a conversation with a man, what would be the result of an unfinished conversation, dispute, resentment, etc. Keep in mind that when an incomplete action your brain tries to finish. But since in reality this does not happen, it runs the program again and again. Trying to finish it.

In the third, it is necessary to keep track of when the internaldialog appears. It may be some particular point on a street while walking or during any action. Perhaps music is also a key that starts this monologue (monologue launcher). In other words, you need to watch them and see what action, music, time, word, person or people run this monologue.

Fourth, decide for themselves what action will you do in the moment, when there appears launcher monologue.

Fifth, the next time to consciously do this effect in the form of a monologue launcher.

Because your brain is accustomed to a certainconversation, he needs time to relearn, to learn to think differently. Typically it takes 3 to 6 weeks. To get started, set yourself a limit of 3 weeks. Approximately 3-6 weeks after you have finished this monologue. Try to translate your inner monologue in a useful habit to think as you need to.

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