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How to disassemble a computer


How to disassemble a computer</a>

Sooner or later, most users have to take a screwdriver in their hands and get inside the inside of their system unit.

Most often this requires upgrading the system, less often - its repair, very rarely (although it should have happened more often) - removing perennial dust deposits.

You will need

  • - crosshead screwdriver



Turn off the computer.


Disconnect the power cord and all other peripheral cables and cables.


Carefully inspect the case of the system unit and find the location of its casing (in most cases they are located behind, but on some cases it is necessary to remove the front panel first).


With a screwdriver (some cases allow you to do without it), unscrew the screws and remove them from the sockets.


Depending on the manufacturer and model of yourThe casing can be removed entirely (both "walls" with the "roof", typical for cheaper housings), or each of the walls is detached separately (be careful, sometimes on one of the "walls" an additional cooler is attached, unplug its power loop, Than to remove the "wall").


Now you have full access to the "inner world" of your computer.


The computer is going to do the same in the reverse order.

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