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How to disassemble the computer

How to disassemble the computer

Sooner or later, most users have to take in hand and a screwdriver to penetrate into the interior of your system unit.

In most cases this requires an upgrade of the system, at least - its repair, very rarely (though would have to happen more often) - removal of long-term deposits of dust.

You will need

  • - crosshead screwdriver



Turn off the computer.


Unplug the power cord and any other wires and cables of peripheral devices.


Inspect the system block and find a place of its mounting housing (in most cases they are at the back, but in some cases you must first remove the front panel).


Using a screwdriver (some body allows to do without it), remove the screws and remove them from the nests.


Depending on the manufacturer and model of yourhousing, the housing can be removed completely (the two "walls" with a "roof", typical of the cheaper buildings) or each separately detachable wall (watch out, sometimes on one of the "walls" strengthened an additional kuler- disconnect the power cables and adapters, above, you remove the "wall").


You now have full access in the "inner world" of your computer.


Going computer by performing the same operations in reverse order.

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