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How to disassemble the steering wheel


How to disassemble the steering wheel</a>

In cases where it is necessary to restoreThe efficiency of the headlamp switches, wiper switches or a sound signal located below the steering wheel in the car VAZ 2106, you need to disassemble and remove the steering wheel.

You will need

  • Screwdrivers 2 pcs.
  • A nut on 24 mm,
  • Wrench,
  • Knockout,
  • a hammer,
  • The length of the board is 40 cm.



At the preliminary stage of preparation for theSimilar repair, as a rule, it is necessary to de-energize the on-board electrical network of the machine. To do this, open the hood and disconnect any cable from the battery.


To disassemble the steering wheel on the models of the latterReleases, the specified mark of the car, it is required, using an ordinary screwdriver with a flat staple, to remove on the steering wheel a decorative overlay on the switch of a sound signal.

How to disassemble the steering wheel


Under it are two screws thatTwist a curved screwdriver, after which the rudder cover is dismantled. Then the key is extracted from the ignition lock, and the steering wheel is installed in a fixed (locked) position.

How to disassemble the steering wheel


From now on, a 24 mm nut and a collar with an extension cord are released and unscrewed, but not completely, the steering wheel mounting nut to the shaft.

How to disassemble the steering wheel


Then, having more conveniently settled down on a place of the driver, andPropping the wheel with your knees (lay down under the legs, a piece of thick board), armed with a hammer and a knockout, you must strike a sharp blow to the center of the steering shaft. As a result of which, the steering wheel will come down from its place. And now the nut of fastening of a steering wheel to a shaft is twisted completely, and the rudder is dismantled.

How to disassemble the steering wheel

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