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How to disassemble the wheel

How to disassemble the wheel

In those cases when it is necessary to restore theoperation switches headlights, wiper switches or horn located below the steering wheel in the car VAZ-2106, is required to disassemble and remove the wheel.

You will need

  • Screwdrivers 2 pcs,
  • head nut 24 mm
  • knob,
  • knockout,
  • a hammer,
  • 40 cm length of the board.



At the preliminary stage of the preparations forThis service is, as a rule, must be disconnected from the on-board electric car network. To do this, open the hood and disconnect the battery from any cable.


To disassemble the steering wheel on the latest modelsissues, this vehicle brand is required, using an ordinary flat-blade screwdriver, remove the steering wheel trim on the switch the audio signal.

How to disassemble the wheel


Under it there are two screwsbe turned out a Phillips head screwdriver, and then dismantled wheel cover. Next, the ignition key is removed, and the steering wheel is set at a fixed (locked) position.

How to disassemble the wheel


Henceforth, Nut head 24 mm and with an extension knob is released and gets out, but not completely, the steering wheel lock nut on the shaft.

How to disassemble the wheel


Then, more comfortable sitting in the driver's seat, andknees propped wheel (enclose down at his feet, cut thick planks), armed with a hammer and a knockout, you must apply a sharp blow in the center of the steering shaft. As a result of that, the wheel has come up from his seat. And now the steering wheel lock nut is unscrewed the shaft completely and dismantled wheel.

How to disassemble the wheel

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