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How to disassemble a starter


How to disassemble a starter</a>

The cause of the difficult start-up of the car engine is usually an insufficiently charged battery, but sometimes a similar reason becomes the starter.

You will need

  • The spanner is 13 mm,
  • A 10 mm spanner,
  • Screwdrivers 2 pcs,
  • Round-nosed pliers for removing retaining rings.



For refutation or confirmation of the arisenSuspicion, it is enough to check the density of the electrolyte in the battery. And in the event that the worst forecasts were confirmed, it is necessary to take off and disassemble the starter.


The hood rises, the cable is removed from theBattery, and from the starter disconnected all connected to it wiring. Then, three bolts securing the starter 35.3708 to the engine are unscrewed, after which it is dismantled and disassembled.


Starter dismantling begins with removalRetracting relay, on which the stator winding output terminal is disconnected from the bottom terminal. Then the fastening screws of the retracting relay are unscrewed, and it will be removed from the starter.


Further, from the rear, the fastening screwsProtective cover, which is also removed. After that, the locking ring is dismantled, and the bolts tightening the starter covers are unscrewed by a 10 mm key, and the stator winding leads connected to the brush holders are disconnected.


Then both starter covers are removed. And from the front a stub is removed. On the back cover, the body of the brush holders is dismantled, springs and graphite brushes are removed.


On the front cover, after removing the cotter pin andExtraction of the gear lever axis of the gearing gear ("bendex"), the assembly is removed from the starter anchor by first dismantling the locking ring at the front end of the armature shaft, and then the gear shift lever is disconnected.


After a detailed disassembly of the starter,Thorough defecting of all its details. Those that have become unusable, as well as having defects that are not subject to repair, are replaced with new spare parts. Assemble the starter in the reverse order.

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