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How to disassemble a starter

How to disassemble a starter

The cause difficulty starting the vehicle engine, as a rule, is not sufficiently charged the battery, but sometimes it becomes a similar cause and starter.

You will need

  • Wrench 13 mm
  • Wrench 10 mm
  • screwdrivers 2 pcs,
  • pliers to remove the retaining rings.



To refute or confirm anysuspicion is enough to check the density of the electrolyte in the battery. And if the worst predictions were confirmed, it is necessary to remove and disassemble the starter.


Lifted up the hood, is removed from the cablethe battery and the starter disconnects from all connected to his wiring. Then be turned out three bolts of fastening of a starter motor to 35.3708, then it is dismantled and disassembled.


Starter Disassembly begins with the removal ofRetractor relay, which is detached from the lower terminal contact wire of the stator winding output. Then be turned out of the retractor mount relays nuts, and it comes off with the starter.


Further, the rear can be turned out the screwsa protective casing, which also removed. Then the snap ring is dismantled, and the key can be turned out by 10mm screws tightening the starter cover, and the stator windings are disconnected terminals connected to the brush holder.


Subsequently remove both covers the starter. And from the front of the plug is removed. On the back cover is dismantled body brush holders, removable carbon brushes and springs.


On the front cover, and after removing the cotterextraction drive gearing gear lever axis ( "bendeksa"), the node is removed from the starter armature previously dismantled retaining ring at the front end of the armature shaft, and only then move the lever disconnects the starting gear.


After detailed disassembly of the starter, heldthorough defektovanie all its details. Decayed, as well as having defects which are not subject to regenerative repair will be replaced with new spare parts. Assembling the starter in reverse order.

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