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How to disassemble the pump

How to disassemble the pump

If, during the movement of the car VAZ 2106 inincreased speed mode there is a sudden stop of the engine, and it stalls at full speed, it is likely to blame for such behavior of the power plant is on the faulty pump motor power system.

It does not supply gasoline to the extent sufficient for the smooth operation of the engine.

You will need

  • - Spanner 10 mm
  • - Wrench 8 mm
  • - screwdriver



When in addition to all other featuresthe surface of the fuel pump body is covered with wet and dirty coating, this is more proof that the fuel pump's time to disassemble and repair.


After cleaning the surface of the pump in kerosene, it dismantled, starting okruchivaet head for 8 mm screw that secures the top cover, under which there is a strainer.


Remove the screw cap is removed, and from under her carefully extracted mesh filter to protect pump valves from falling rubbish, which can lead to valve bedding.


Further, a screwdriver can be turned out six screws afterthen disconnects the pump housing and rotating shaft on which are fixed the diaphragm 90 degrees removed from the pump housing with the spring and plastic spacers.


you first need to remove the fuel pump lever to remove from the bottom of the housing stock, where it is attached.


All items are examined for wear. Decayed - are replaced by new parts. After that, the pump assembly is done in reverse order of disassembly.

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