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How to disassemble a tablet



The process of parsing the tablet depends on the model and manufacturer of the device.

Some models can be disassembled to the cog in just a few minutes, and for others this process can take up to half an hour.

Many curious users are interested,How to disassemble the tablet. First of all, I would like to warn that independent analysis of the device can lead to damage or complete failure.

Like many other types of modern electronics,The shells of the plates are assembled on snaps without the use of screws. In order to separate the display module from the base, it is necessary to use a very thin and flat object, for example a knife or a special blade. From the choice of tool will depend on how successful the parsing will be. Than it will be thinner, the less chance it will be to damage the case of the tablet.

The tip of the blade or knife must be pushed inGap between the display and the body and a little pressure. The display should begin to separate. So you need to walk around the entire perimeter of the tablet. Depending on the model of the device, there may be a different number of latches. All of them must be carefully disconnected. This can help the use of a second blade or knife. After the display module has moved away from the base, it is necessary to disconnect all loops connected to it.

After disconnecting the display module insideThe tablet will be able to see the battery, the motherboard, polyphonic units, and various modules. All of them are connected together by plumes and fixed to the body with screws and double-sided scotch tape. These parts can easily be disconnected, if necessary.

The assembly process should be carried out in the reverse order.

As you can see, there are no special difficulties in deconstructing the tablet. However, this process requires a certain skill and some skills in working with electronics.

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