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How to disassemble a microwave


How to disassemble a microwave</a>

If the microwave oven has stopped working, it may be possible to repair it yourself, without the help of a specialist. But for this it will be necessary first to disassemble it.

How to do it?



In case of any problems, please contact the serviceCenters. Chances to fix the damage yourself, you do not have much, and when disassembling it is very easy to break something or leave "spare" parts. Violation of the operation of the microwave oven can lead to the leakage of microwave radiation, which is dangerous to humans. So do not rely solely on your strengths, but call professionals.


If you all decided to take up the repair of the furnace with your ownHands, first remove the cover. Unscrew all fastening screws, which are usually on the back side, and sometimes even from the bottom. Some models of furnaces provide fastening in the suspended condition. For this, special holes are made in the body, which, if temporarily unnecessary, are plugged with liners. When parsing these inserts, too, you need to take it out.


The furnace parts are connected by means of snap-on connectors, which increase the strength of the connection. To open the latches, click on the tabs specially designed for this purpose.


If you just want to replace the micromotor,Rotatable tray, the cover can not be removed. To do this, you only need to remove the bottom cover of the oven. Sometimes, in order to separate it, you need to bite the jumpers that connect the bottom cover to the bottom of the microwave. After repair, attach the cover to the screw in the bottom.


To remove the magnetron, disconnect the air duct, andSometimes you need to remove the transformer. To remove the control unit, disconnect the control unit and unscrew the fixing screws. After completing the repair, carefully assemble all the parts in the reverse order, screw all the screws in place, close the latches.


Microwave oven repair is a complex process that requiresSpecial knowledge. If you are not sure of your abilities, it is better not to try to disassemble this type of household appliances in order to avoid leakage of microwave radiation and serious breakages of the furnace.

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