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How to disassemble the laptop Samsung R60

How to disassemble a Samsung R60 laptop

From time to time you need to clean thecomputers and laptops from dust and dirt that had accumulated inside them, to carry out cleaning of the keyboard got there just cookies or to change the configuration.

Dismantling many notebooks comes in different ways.

You will need

  • - screwdriver-
  • - Mild knife.



Unplug the laptop from the power supply, remove the battery and unplug the power cable. Loosen all fasteners on the rear wall of the housing.


Remove the cover from the hard disk card, it's therethe biggest. Pry it with your fingers or unsharp knife, being careful not to damage the surface. Remove the mounting of the hard drive, remove it by disconnecting the wires.


Similarly, remove the drive. Be especially careful with him. Below it will be another fastening element. Remove it. Remove the memory modules (it is not necessary to do), unfasten the antenna Wi-Fi.


Turn the laptop monitor up, unscrewbolts on the panel above the keyboard. Carefully pry it until it clicks mount. Be careful, this is a very delicate detail. Next, turn the laptop back. Carefully remove the keyboard. Disassemble it is not recommended to completely over the buttons, as contained within the small fragile items, which are very easy to break or lose.


Remove the power button panel with the help of mild knife, in the same way unsnap the clips from the battery compartment, where there are only 4. Turn the laptop back.


Remove the panel, which is located under thekeyboard, for that little screwdriver to pry its jaws and unsnap. You open two hidden fasteners, remove them. Gently remove the touchpad, speakers and screen, especially be careful with cables and cable devices - many of them then it will be hard to get.


Again, turn the laptop back cover up,unsnap the main panel, remove the cooler and run the computer clean from dirt and dust, you can use the vacuum cleaner or other convenient means for you. The assembly takes place in reverse order.

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