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How to disassemble the xbox 360 joystick


How to disassemble the xbox 360 joystick</a>

Xbox 360 is one of the most popular consoles of recent times. It is equipped with a wired or wireless controller, which is very quickly dirty due to its snow-white coating.

The device literally attracts dust, which affects its performance.

Therefore, periodically need to clean up, so that the gamepad has served as long as possible.

You will need

  • - thin cross or slotted screwdriver.



Remove the battery. Unscrew the back of the joystick using a small size Phillips screwdriver. It is necessary to unscrew the 6 screws that are on the panel itself, and one screw that is located under the label behind the battery slot. Put the screws so that they do not lose.


Carefully remove both covers of the joystick and remove the microcircuit. Remove the top panel (under which are the triggers) and the bottom plastic part of the gray color. Rubber on the buttons yet do not remove.


Unscrew the fender of the controller, whichScrewed on 2 screws and fastened with snaps. First twist the screws and only then try to release the metal latches with the same screwdriver. After that you can push the cross.


Remove the rubber bands from the buttons of the joystick. To remove the side trigger, release its plastic part that is inserted into the corresponding groove of the button mechanism. Then bend the two side latches, tilt the trigger and remove it, then remove the springs themselves.


The joystick is dismantled. Clean all parts of it, replace the necessary parts. Reassemble the controller in reverse order.

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