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How to disassemble the gearbox


How to disassemble the gearbox</a>

The gearbox allows you to change the torque transmitted from the engine to the drive wheels, which allows you to keep the engine speed in the desired range.

This node is a heavy load, so with long-term operation it breaks down.



In order to disassemble the gearbox, beforeAll, you need to drain the oil from it. Then unscrew the bolts that hold the bottom cover, and carefully remove it, trying not to damage the gasket.


Then unscrew the elastic clutch, which is held by three bolts, and take it out together with the spring. We unscrew three nuts of fastening of the mechanism of a gear change and we take out it.


We unscrew 5 nuts on which the rearCover, and gently remove it, turning to release the gear from the gear. Unscrew the bolts holding the stem and plug. Moving the included fork, remove the reverse gear.


We place the box in such a way that it is possibleRemove the clutch fork and the input shaft bearing. We unscrew 6 bolts of fastening картера couplings and, preliminary обстучав, we remove it. At the same time, we try not to damage the gasket.


Stop the intermediate shaft by inserting a metal plate between the gears, and unscrew the bolt securing the clamping washer. After that it will be possible to take out the intermediate shaft with gears.


We unscrew bolts of a fixing cover of a rod,Take out springs and balls. Pay attention to the reverse spring, it is different from the rest. Next, unscrew the shift forks 3 and 4 gear, and then 1 and 2 gears. Slightly tapping, slowly take out the stocks, while we look, so that they do not take off? Crackers ?. "Rusks?" Have different landing dimensions, so remember their relative position. We take out the primary shaft.


To finally disassemble the gearbox, whenHelp the impact screwdriver, unscrew the screws of the retaining plate of the bearing of the secondary shaft and take it out. All the details are carefully mine in diesel. We check them and change the worn ones. We assemble the box in the reverse order. In order to avoid unwinding the bolts, we use an anaerobic thread retainer.

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