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How to disassemble the gearbox

Transmission allows you to change the torque transmitted from the engine to the drive wheels, which allows to keep the engine speed in the desired range.

This unit comes great load, so the long-term operation it crashes.



In order to dismantle the gearbox, beforeyou need to drain the oil from it. Then unscrew the bolts that hold the bottom cover, and gently remove it, taking care not to damage the gasket.


Then unscrew the flexible coupling, which is based on three bolts and remove it along with the spring. Unscrew the three gearshift nuts and remove it.


5 Unscrew the nuts that secure the rearcover, and carefully remove it by turning to disengaged gear. Unscrew the bolts holding the rod and fork. Including moving the fork, take out reverse gear.


Place a box so that you canunplug the clutch and the input shaft bearing. Unscrew 6 bolts securing clutch housing and pre obstuchal, remove it. At the same time we try not to damage the gasket.


Stopper intermediate shaft by inserting a metal plate between the gears, and unscrew the bolt that secures the clamping washer. Thereafter it will be possible to remove the countershaft gears.


Twisted bolts fixing the rod cover,take out the spring and balls. Note the reversing spring, it differs from the others. Further unscrew shift fork 3 and the transmission 4, and then the 1st and 2nd gear. Slightly obstuchal slowly take out the stocks, while looking to either departed? Crackers ?. ? Rusk? They have different landing sizes, so remember their mutual arrangement. We take out a primary shaft.


To completely disassemble a transmission,Assistance shock screwdriver, unscrew the screws of the locking plate of the secondary shaft bearing and take it out. All items carefully in my Local. Check them and change worn out. Putting the box in the reverse order. In order to avoid untwisting bolts using anaerobic thread retainer.

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