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How to disassemble the battery

How to disassemble the battery

Analyzing the battery in? Soviet? batteries, so you can replace the failed one or more cans, as modern batteries such intervention does not imply.

If you're still looking to operate the battery in the future, work out in the pre-faulty battery, but after that its use is very doubtful.

You will need

  • Rubber gloves, goggles, a jigsaw for metal, Bulgarian, hammer, pliers, flat screwdriver, a chisel, a powerful soldering iron gas burner, construction hairdryer, drill.



Starter batteries refuelelectrolyte? this acid, diluted with distilled water to a proportion (density). The density of the electrolyte should be in the range of 1.25 to 1.29. The electrolyte is very aggressive and can cause skin burns, erode the textile, paint on the surface, and with prolonged exposure and metal. Therefore, if you are not sure that the electrolyte of the battery drained, take additional security measures.



Drain the electrolyte from the battery through betterholes drilled in the bottom of the battery case. Stop the ventilation hole battery cans to when the battery is tilted out of it will not leak electrolyte. Put to one side and the battery using a drill drill 3-3.5 mm Drill mounting holes at the top of the battery banks. Be prepared to provide container for the electrolyte, preferably glass. Turn the battery on the bottom, at the same time exposing the container under the drilled hole, remove the plug from the banks (if no traffic jams, drill a hole on top of the banks), since the electrolyte flow out faster. Repeat the process with the rest of the battery banks. If you intend to continue to operate the battery, make a hole in the battery case is necessary to solder acid plastic.

Drilled battery banks


The next thing to do is washthe insides of cans with distilled water (plain water, if the battery is under the final analysis) between the plates is an electrolyte, which can later play a cruel joke. Next steps involve analysis of the battery without the subsequent recovery. Grinder or jigsaw for metal on the perimeter saw off the battery cover from the battery case. If you pull the sawed-off cap, while holding the battery case, and with a lid or plate would extract the battery cover loosely away with pin terminals, a battery was originally not designed for continuous operation.

cover cut


But you will only easier, do not have to knock downcover with the battery innards and crush the cross between battery banks. Otherwise, take a chisel and hammer and split cross by inserting a chisel to cut between the lid and the body. Then alternately hammer blows to the input terminals, keeping the lid on weight, bring down it. If necessary, the terminal can be heated soldering iron gas burner or, in extreme cases, to saw grinder cap. Now all the contents of the accumulator is at your disposal.

The insides removed

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